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When you’re looking for current listing prices for comparable modes of motor homes, rv’s, campers and trailers, eBay is a great place to check! The list below is a great place to start!  The links go directly to categories of recreational vehicles with current listing on eBay. Just scroll down to the type of rv, camper or trailer you’re interested in setting the blue book value for, and you’ll be directed to current listings on eBay!

Here’s a fantastic time saver for setting the blue book value of any RV, Camper, Travel Trailer or Recreational Vehicle.  Click the links above, which go to eBay Motors, and are already dialed in to the search terms.  The links display current prices.  When you to the search results, take note at the upper right side of the page on eBay, and you’ll see the term “See Completed Listings”.  Just click on “See Completed Listings” and you’ll see the results of previous sales for the types of campers and recreational vehicles you need to compare.  You’ll see the exact dollar amount that the sales have completed for, if the item was sold.  This is a very important aspect of determining the blue book value of any recreational vehicle, trailer or camper – the current market prices!  You can start the process of establishing the blue book value of a recreational vehicle or camper by consulting the book value published as a starting price, such as the online Nada Guide (only for certain newer years, not the old or vintage campers.) Then fine tune your blue book value by taking a look at the actual market conditions!  If you are selling an item that’s in demand, and the supply is low, you have a better chance of getting blue book value when you sell.  On the other hand, if the supply is plentiful and the demand low, you’ll need to consider selling at a competitive price, which may be below established blue book values.  This is more of an art than a science, good luck!

Take a minute and browse eBay today!

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