List of Camper Rental Companies

Please check here for links to companies that rent campers and rvs (US) or campervans and static campers (UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

  • Camperbug – this is a very cool website!  It has all the information you need if you’re planning a vacation (or holiday) in England, Whales, Scotland, Ireland, and also other locations.  It benefits both owners that would like to rent out their unit as well as prospective vacationers that would like to find a camper for rent for rent.  I’m just starting to research this topic for a friend that lives in Australia that would like to come to New York or Los Angeles and either rent cheaply or purchase cheaply and then resell a campervan for her holiday in the US.  It’s a bit different for us in the US because we tend to use a few large businesses to rent an rv for a vacation.  I’m going to be looking into this more for some current research, so if anyone knows of a similar website for American travel kindly post a comment to share the information.
  • Buttercup Bus – another very cool website!  I love these vintage vw campervans.  This site gives you the option to rent them out of London.  My grandparents toured Europe in a campervan just like these in the 60’s, and I have their original trip journal.  What fun you could have on vacation without the hassle of transporting your luggage into and out of hotel rooms!

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