Pop Up Camper Blue Book Value

To establish the Blue Book Value of a Pop-Up Camper, you’ll need to know the year, make and model of the pop-up camper. Make a list of the features of the pop-up camper, such as the method of raising the top of the camper, the electrical system, and the plumbing systems. Evaluate the general wear and tear of the pop-up camper, and pay particular attention to any signs of mold. Since a pop-up camper is generally in the folded, or closed position, you’ll need to know if it has been folded away for storage while damp or wet.

You can search the eBay Motors site to see if any comparable popup campers have been sold in the recent past. Check for Jayco pop up campers, coleman pop up campers, and lightweight travel trailers. When someone lists their used travel trailers for sale on eBay they’ll use a variety of descriptions, so you might want to make a note of some of the more popular search terms you see on eBay to describe comparable models.

Are you comparing different models for sale?  If you’re thinking of the condition, here are some pointers.  The value of the pop up camper can be seriously compromised by some of these details, so be sure to inspect for these issues closely:

  • Was the previous owner a smoker?  This could ruin the outdoor experience for you.  In addition there may be burn or discoloration damage.
  • Was the camper stored outdoors?  There could be rust in areas you can’t easily see, not to mention the rust we’ve talked about.
  • Is the camper ready for the road?  Tires don’t come cheap, and even if the tires on the pop up camper look to be in good condition, they rot with age.  Check the year of manufacture of the tires, and also check the spare(s).  Were the tires covered to protect from the sun?
  • What’s the condition of the tow package?  Check for welds and repairs.  This is a top safety item, so don’t overlook it.

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10 thoughts on “Pop Up Camper Blue Book Value”

  1. What is the value of a 1998 Coleman 17 ft pop up camper. It has a furnace, and the seller has an air conditioner, but it would need installed. Do you know an estimated price for A/C installation? Otherwise, pretty standard: table, 2 king-sized beds, mini fridge, detachable stove for indoor/outdoor use. Thanks for your help!

  2. tires don’t come cheap is right. i made the mistake of not checking them on a used class c RV and had 4 blow outs in 1 year. lesson learned, check the tires.

  3. Camper is a 2007 Flagstaff by Forest River,ID 4x4CFS2127D157801, 11 Ft., used 3 times, manual lift by cranking, gas stove, ice box.

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