A Used Volkswagen Is The Perfect Small RV Tow Vehicle

A used volkswagen beetle is perfect in so many ways!  When you hop into your small rv and hit the road, do you need a bit more freedom when you’re ready to set up camp?  What’s the best tow vehicle?  What’s cuter behind your snappy new RV than a little used bug with a color coordinated paint job?   A used volkswagen beetle is just right in weight and price!  And they’re fun to drive.  (Especially a manual transmission – zoom zoom!) So next time you feel stuck in the campground and don’t feel ready to pack up everything just to have a drive to town, think about buying a used volkswagen beetle!

Where Can I Find Used Volkswagen Beetle or VW Camper Vans for Sale?

One excellent local resource is Craigslist.  You’re almost certain to find a used volkswagen beetle or vw camper vans on Craigslist.  The good part here is that it’s free.  The downside with Craigslist is that you’re most likely dealing with individuals with whom you have no recourse in case of problems.  Another option is eBay Motors, where you can also shop locally, but with a good buyer protection plan to back up your purchase.  If you’d like to take a look, here’s a link to the eBay Motors site, where you’ll see a display for about a thousand used volkswagens.  You can dial in the search by model, model year, mileage, location, condition, etc.  And if you create an eBay account if you don’t already have one, you can look at “advanced search” options to see sales history data.  Here’s the link:Used Volkswagen

Is a Used Volkswagen a Good Investment?

A used volkswagen mechanic would be a great person to ask about the resale value.  In fact it’s a good idea to have a mechanic as part of your team when you purchase any car.  Most people know to ask for the Carfax, which should show you the history of the vehicle if it’s been in collisions.  Just as important is having a mechanic look it over to determine if the vw you’ve found is a good investment.  Since this type of car tends to be at the lower end of the scale for price, and the upper end of the scale for durability, vw’s are generally considered a good investment.

I’m looking for Used Volkswagen Parts – Where Can I Find VW Jetta Parts?

Anyone that loves tinkering with cars will love the used volkswagen, whether it’s a bug, jetta or a van.  You can find good books on how to maintain the car yourself, and you can find parts in multiple places.  You can check with your local volkswagen dealer first, although you don’t need me to mention that this is probably going to be top dollar pricing.  Next you can check your auto supply houses, both local and online.  Now back to eBay – an excellent resource for finding car parts.  I’ll pick one type of vw here to get you to the right page on the eBay motors site, so you can see what I mean.  If you’ll click here, you’ll see I’ve dialed in the eBay Motors search results for vw jetta parts:  Click Here for Volkswagen Jetta Parts on eBay.

Have fun hitting the road with your used Volkswagen!  If you’d like to share a photo or story, please leave a comment!

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