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Ready to go rving? Wonder which of the many recreational vehicles is right for you? If you’re concerned with fuel economy and ease of parking, the Class B RV may be just right for you! A Class B Rv has been modified by using a panel-type truck. Different manufacturers of these camper vans add a variety of standard and optional conveniences such as kitchen, bathroom, sleeping accommodations from two to four people depending in on the model. With the addition of a top extension, today’s Class B Motorhome has adequate head room and storage facilities.

The Class B RV comes closest of any recreational vehicle to a standard passenger vehicle. You’ll love the ease of operation, and you can take it anywhere you could a van! Do you have a Class B RV? Love the convenience of having your travelling bedroom, kitchen, change room and bathroom while traveling? The Class B RV is a very convenient travelling bedroom! Here are 10 benefits of owning a Class B RV:

10 Benefits to Owning a Class B RV

  1. The Class B RV is smaller than a traditional motorhome, and you can park and store it more easily than a traditional motorhome.
  2. The Class B RV is a smaller monetary investment than a traditional motorhome.
  3. When you buy a used Class B RV, you are making an investment in a vehicle and a vacation at the same time.
  4. The Class B RV can be easily utilized for a spare bedroom when company is coming.  You can easily hook up your Class B RV in the driveway or in front of your house and your guest will enjoy privacy and comfort.
  5. In today’s economy, the Class B RV makes sense for the trades worker.  It might be possible for an operating engineer or electrician to find work further away from home and stay in the Class B RV while out of town.  The Class B RV not only saves on motel rooms, but with food storage and food preparation right in the Class B RV, overall out of town expenses are kept to a minimum.

  1. Moving large objects?  Your Class B RV will come in handy to utilize as a work vehicle!  There’s plenty of room in the interior of the rv to place building materials or help out with moving household items!
  2. Travelling with animals?  Some motels and hotels allow pets, some don’t.  Wouldn’t your pets be more comfortable and happy in the vehicle if you were able to provide a familiar bed for them?  Even if you stay in a motel or hotel, your Class B RV is a great moving kennel!
  3. The Class B RV can be customized for people with disabilities.  No need to be landlocked when you yearn to be on the road!
  4. Have a boat or need to haul motorcycles or camping gear?  The Class B RV is a great vehicle to tow a trailer or boat!
  5. The Class B RV is more fuel economical than a Class A RV….

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  1. Stephen stearns

    Penny meant to tell you it’s a SLT ram coachman person buying it is going through bank to book value is needed thank you for helping

  2. Stephen stearns

    Hi penny I’m trying to find out value of my class B coachman ram 1995 book value mint condition 78,000 miles

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