What’s the Value of my Used Pickup Truck Camper?

I’ve been wanting to write a post about a pick up truck camper for awhile, so I’ll have to thank Ramiro for his comment this week:  I have a camper that mounts on the back of a pickup. I was just wondering how much or wats the most I can get for it? Its really clean inside a well taken care of. Has a full bed and a half bed, nice lil fridge,sink, stove, tv, dining table sits 4, 2 propane tanks, toilet, also built in sterio. Its a 1978 WOLVR 10/CMP and its color is WHI/BRO.

Well this sounds like a nice little truck camper set-up.  It has the basics anyone could want in a camper, but let’s see if we can help Ramiro out a little bit by giving him a ballpark figure for his truck camper.  First off, I don’t see Wolverine listed on the Nada blue book values site, so we can’t get a quickie look.  A search did find it listed (a 1981 Wolverine Pickup Truck Camper) on a subscription site that was for Recreation Vehicle Blue Book Online, but I thought the subscription price was a bit pricey, although they did offer a single lookup recreational vehicle blue book value at about $10.00.  I’d maybe go for that if I needed to see if my insurance was up to date or some specific reason like that.  But it sounds like from Ramiro’s comment that he’s thinking of selling it.  So I’d steer more towards looking on eBay to see if any have sold that are about the same age.  (His truck bed camper is 34 years old.)  What he didn’t mention is whether it’s a foldout pickup camper, or one of the slide truck campers, so I’m going to have to assume it is not.  To look into his question of how much is my camper worth, we’ll go through the same steps just like selling or buying a small rv or used rv.

How Much is My Truck Camper Worth?  Find the Truck Camper Values on eBay Motors.

Here’s the current eBay listings in category 50061, which is the eBay Motors Truck Campers Category. Check out these truck campers for sale and then read some more at the bottom of the eBay listings and I’ll give you some tips to ssee what the value of a pickup truck camper could be:

Alright, if you’ve enjoyed eying the current listings for all sorts of truck campers for sale on eBay, you’re probably thinking – “How Much is my camper worth” like Ramiro. Well there’s a good way to test the market with eBay and what you do is click through any of the listings above, which are the ACTIVE listings. What does that mean? Well to determine the value of a pickup camper it is nice to know what they’re listed for, but it’s even better to know what they’ve actually SOLD for! So, like I was saying, go ahead and click thru the listings and you’ll be on the eBay Motors site for camper sales. Then what you want to do is look right at the page and find where eBay tells you how many listings you see for “truck campers”, which as I mentioned is the category I’ve pre-set for you to view on this page… (That’s another story how I figured out how to do that! 93 cups of coffee later… never mind – I’ll do it for you!) And just to the right of the “Number of Matches found for Truck Camper” you will see the “See Completed Listings” button. Click on that! This is a really great way to get a ballpark figure for the blue book value of a camper! Now before you get too excited about the truck campers for sale on eBay completed listings prices, you’ll need to look at the color of the prices displayed to really determine the value of a camper. Red means truck camper DID NOT sell, and green means THIS IS THE SALES PRICE, which is great! And you can see how many bids, 1 or a few mean that’s great, it sold… 35 or more means there was a bidding war! And these are pretty current sales prices too, so rather than going on Nada camper values or Kelley Blue Book Values, you can get a snapshot of today’s camper values online. (Nada may or may not have the values for campers you’re trying to find, but they are online and provide free information, so you can’t beat it. kelley Blue Book Values for Campers are quarterly booklets to subscribe to or buy a singe edition, and they’re great. Maybe your library can get them for you?)

Determine the Value of a Pickup Camper – Look up Camper Prices on eBay Motors.

So now, back to the reason for this post, to respond to a comment by Ramiro. What is the value of a 1978 pickup truck camper that’s in very nice condition and has the basic features that would be comfortable?  I found several SOLD listings on eBay motors for truck campers that are probably good comparable model pickup truck camper, so I’d say that if Ramiro did an excellent job describing his camper features, took at least 6 pictures, included information on the weight, what type of pickup it could used with, any damage or upgrades, he could probably get between $760. to $1200. on eBay.  So you’ll know where I got those figures, look at these sales from this month:

  1. Pickup Truck Camper sold on eBay for $760.  :  1978 Fliteway Slide-In Truck Camper (1 bid)
  2. Pickup Truck Camper sold on eBay for $619.57  :  1967 Avion Truck Bed Camper (4 bids)
  3. Pickup Truck Camper sold on eBay for $1,725.  :  1987 Palomino Bronco Soft Side Slide-In Truck Camper (22 bids)
  4. Pickup Truck Camper sold on eBay for $1,555.99  :  1987 Sunline Popup Camper will Fit Small Pickup Trucks (9 bids)
  5. Classic / Vintage Pickup Truck Camper sold on eBay for $3,000.  :  1958 Sport King Camper (3 bids)

There were, of course, quite a few more that sold much higher, but they were significantly newer too, so not much good to compare to those.  And amazingly enough, (and maybe you should bookmark this page if you’re looking to buy a cheap pickup truck camper), there were two very nice looking newer (less than 8 years old) pickup truck campers being sold with no reserve, which didn’t sell at all.  And the opening bid for one was $100, and the other was $500.!!!  Amazing what you could have had for so little money if you’re in the market to buy a used pickup truck camper!  Now I’m not suggesting that anyone do this, because it’s a bit risky, but don’t you think the potential is there to make some money if you bought one and then sold it later on?  You could get a summer’s worth of use and then sell it at least for what you bought it for!  (So maybe you SHOULD bookmark this page!)

Anyway Ramiro, please let us know if your pickup truck camper is for sale, and we’d be glad to show a picture here and give a bit more of the specifics of your truck camper for sale.

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  1. what is the value of f 1998 alpenlite camper. Vin # 16798 model # 11s/sc. i need to know the present value, Please

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