What’s the Best Way to Calculate my Camper Blue Book Value?

If you’re looking to calculate your camper blue book follow these 5 steps.  You’ll want to have a spiral notebook handy to keep everything all neat and in one place.

  1. First step, document the manufacturer, model, and year of your camper, caravan, or trailer.  You are going to be comparing your camper to others that have recently sold to determine the camper blue book.  It’s one thing to look at new units on the lot, but the critical information is gathered by looking at what the current market will bear.
  2. Second step, inspect your camper.  Whether you are buying or selling a camper you will be taking a thorough inventory of the camper, noting the overall condition and if the camper has any damage or additions.  When you calculate the blue book for campers, document the condition of the electrical system, plumbing, kitchen, bathroom, cabinets and storage, towing system, tires, jacks, lights, exterior and interior, floor, any canvas parts, steps, etc.  On your list mark the condition as poor, good or excellent.  This is not the time to think about emotional attachment.  What you love about the camper, and the fond memories you may have had, do not have a price tag associated.

  3. Third step, look on the Nada blue book site for camper values.  ( You can also check the nada blue book on rvs.)  Nada campers are excellent, unless you’re dealing with a considerably older model, in which case they are not covered.  Nada is a very straightforward website and we recommend you do take a look at their site, and there is no cost associated.
  4. Fourth step, you can check your library edition of KBB (Kelley Blue Book) to look up blue book for campers.  This isn’t as convenient as Nada, because it’s not online, but you can check with your reference librarian to see if they have KBB for used camper values, it’s handy.  You can subscribe to Kelley Blue Book but be sure to let them know if you’d like one issue only, or to receive them several times per year.  (You might only need one.)  The have several issues, so tell the phone rep what you’re trying to do to get the right one.
  5. Fifth step, you can check some online resources like eBay Motors for current listings, and if you have an eBay account (they’re free) you can look up completed listings to see what the camper blue book value for models similar to yours are.  This is also a handy resource for travel trailer blue book values.  Now that you have compiled data on similar camper blue book values, you should have a fair idea of the market for your particular model.  Make any necessary adjustments of camper value that pertain to your model.  For example, if you’ve found the camper blue book of your model and compared it to a model that is in better condition or worse condition, make the adjustments.  Same goes for travel trailer values.  There are several steps to take when you’re on the eBay site, and we have another post that takes you through each step.  You will need to have an account with eBay, which is free, to be able to complete the steps on the eBay site to establish an approximate value for your RV, camper, trailer, tent trailer, pop up camper trailer or folding camper.  If you’re interested in establishing your blue book value utilizing eBay’s free reference historical data, you can check Camper Values on eBay.

We’ve received a few comments for help with specific trailers and campers, so we’ll walk through the steps with a couple of models, so you can see the process. Please take a look at the comments and you’ll see the responses given.

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  2. Hi,
    I have an old small camper that I haven’t used for 4 years. I want to sell it and I am willing for any offer. I also want to get rid off my shed, I am not selling the shed because it is kind of destroyed by the snow, I just want it out of my yard.

  3. patricia crook

    would like to know what the value of camper in excellent condition.The year is a2001,makeTLND,29ft.typeMBHM,fleet no.TT.Could you give me your oppion.

  4. Cortney Southern

    i have a 1999 29′ Coachmen, Catalina series, how much is the value. the reason for this, is the vents leak in the ceiling and i have replaced the roof on the pop out where the couch is and it still leaks, when it rains hard i had rain that comes from the window seals and runs down my walls. so thank you for your time, if you could just get me the value i would be so happy. thanks cortney

  5. I have a 2006 jc camper eagle 1006,w/ac, hot water heater, heater stove, grill, gas tank, 40 gal water tank,refrigerator, everything in working condition, sleeps seven, only used 3 times per yr since 2006, need idea of selling price can you help me?.

  6. George Chandler

    need value of 2006 Palomino winter creek truck camper model 915 RS–has onan generator-dinette slide- tv microwave AC gas ac refrigerator electric jacks

  7. George Chandler

    need value of 2006 Oalomino winter creek truck camper model 915 RS–has onan generator-dinette slide- tv microwave AC gas ac refrigerator electric jacks

  8. wanting to know abount a 1982 wilderness camper abount financing one to see what the value of the older model camper

  9. I’m trying to find the value from Blue Book for a 2006 Montana 5th wheel camper…3400 LR model 37′ 4 slide outs, fully furnished and loaded..

  10. Wanted to know value of 2000 Eagle Jayco in fair condition. Tires need replacing & water damage in back where bunks are. That wall & floor needs replacing.

    1. Penny @ Camper Blue Book Values Staff

      Hi Sally,

      You might want to take a look at the eBay Motors site and view the completed listings. You’ll need an eBay account to see the “sold” listings. Water damage can negatively impact sales prices, so you’ll want to take that into consideration if you’re buying.

    1. Penny @ Camper Blue Book Values Staff

      Are you looking to buy or sell a used fifth wheel? If you could give me a little bit more information, I’ll sure try to help.

  11. I need a book value for a 1986 Star Craft 19′ pop up camper. New screen and tires. Fridge, stove and heater works. Could you please advise me of the price for the camper. Thank you in advance.

    1. Penny @ Camper Blue Book Values Staff

      Hi P. Wright,

      I’m going to look at the Starcraft 19 ft popup camper on eBay. It sounds like it’s in very nice condition for an older model. I’ll update the post giving your request for information as an example, so I’ll just edit the post a bit… stand by while I jump over the eBay Motors to do a quick search.

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