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Before buying or selling a used camper, or 5th Wheel Motorhome, take the time to enjoy the shopping process.  Get to know your needs and budget, and explore a variety of options with campers.  When you think about the value of the camper, associate that value with what you need.  If you are going to be camping by yourself, consider the minimum camping equipment that you would be satisfied and happy with.  Try looking at the simpler end of the used campers for sale.  Would you be able to manage a pop-up trailer by yourself?  (These are also known as fold down campers or folding tent campers.)  Some of these camper trailers are very simple to set up, and lightweight to pull.  Folding campers could be a perfect option for 1 or 2 people, and could be purchased used at a good value.  Here are some good steps to take when you’re determining which camper will fit your needs.  You’ll want to do this well ahead of trying to establish the actual Kelly Blue Book Value of the camper you’re interested in.

  1. Will you be camping by yourself, or with others.
  2. Will some people have special needs, such as power outlets, telephone, cell phone, satellite TV? Will the camper support medical needs, such as oxygen, and handicapped entry and rooms?
  3. What indoor temperature will you need to maintain.  Is heating and airconditioning important?
  4. How long will your camping trip be?  Overnight once in a while, 2 weeks in the summer and fall, long trips for months on end, or live in the motorhome? Are you planning to become a full time RVer?
  5. How much storage room will you need? A lot will depend on how long you’ll be on the road, and the climate of locations you’ll be visiting.

Use the questions above to open discussions about what you need.  Try to keep in mind when you’re evaluation the blue book value of a camper that value is in the eye of the buyer.  A grand motorhome may have lots of wonderful features, and be built for going on long trips.  The blue book value for this home may be way over your needs.  Before establishing the blue book of a camper that is larger and more luxurious than you need, shift gears down a bit, and look at a more modest trailer, perpaps an older airstream camper or a pop-up camper.  Try to have a very firm budget, and determine in advance that you will not spend more than your budget.  Determine the minimum attributes that you would be willing to settle for.  Try it on for size, and think carefully about the features of the camper you are looking at to see if it has good value for the money.  Interested in vintage campers? You’ll enjoy this video with Johnny Cash singing along to a vintage camper slideshow! CLICK HERE: VINTAGE CAMPER VIDEO A pop – up trailer camper is a good example of the wide range of prices you’ll see when determining the blue book value.  These pop-ups are also known as fold-downs. Some of them come very simple.  Two beds fold up, and each sleeps 2 people.  No bathroom facilities, shower or toilet.  They ususlly come with a faucet.  You can work up from there.  Maybe you’d like to add a toilet and holding tank – that’s a convenience that really boosts the blue book value for the camper.  So a holding tank for fresh water, and a holding tank for grey water would be good.  You can also add on a refrigerator and storage cupboards.

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