Heavy Duty Maccabee Camping Chairs

Going camping and fishing during the summer is always a memorable experience, and with the proper gear and preparations, the comforts of home can be brought along.  I wanted to share with you a day I spent last summer along the Tuolumne river just north of Yosemite National Park, where I took the picture below.  These chairs had just been IN the river, not next to them as you see in the picture.  The people camping next to me were a little camera shy, but they did allow me to interview their chairs!  And here’s what I learned!

What Are The Important Details to Consider When Packing for a Camping Trip?

A thorough list and economical packing will ensure the essentials fit into the vehicle going to the great outdoors.  Don’t forget a propane stove, tent, ground cover and sleeping bag, and of course Maccabee Camping Chairs.  They can be a bit pricey, so be creative when you are shopping for them.  (And yes, you can settle for a cheaper model, you don’t need the very best.)  One great place to check for folding camp chairs is eBay!

If you’re interested in seeing if you can find Maccabee camping chairs at a discount, I did some searching on eBay. You can also check for folding camp chairs on the websites for Lands End.com, REI.com, WoodenVilleSports.com, GoodSleepBedding.com, BeachChairs.com, LivingXL.com, StinComfort.com, Cabelas.com, and Campmor.com.  If you’re giving them as a gift, it is, of course, very nice to buy them brand new.  If it’s just to throw in the back of your pickup truck, by all means save a few dollars and buy some used.

Foto of Two Macabee Folding Camping Chairs by Tuolumne River
Macabee Folding Camping Chairs

Why is it so important that you don’t overlook this detail?  The camp chair is a key piece of equipment.  This is the spot for eating, taking a break, roasting marshmallows from, and enjoying the campfire at night.  There are several great models to choose from, including the maccabee folding director’s chair for an extra high perch above the ground.  (That’s what you see in the picture that I took you see above.)

Here’s a Review of the Maccabee Camp Chair

For less than thirty dollars, it is engineered for comfort and long term durability.  The ‘Highback Camp Chair’ is provides a relaxing, simple seat for a low price.  Although it has a cheap cup holder and no place to rest your feet, this is a rugged, collapsible, and cozy chair for the money.  For a few dollars more, invest in the maccabee armchair with ‘textiline’ fabric.  This is a weatherproof mesh fabric allowing air to flow to keep the seat comfortable, and it is resistant to mildewing caused by extended outdoor use.  This foldable, powder-coated steel unit is an excellent choice for your next trip. A popular model, the ‘Captain’s Armchair’ is a relaxed frame, foldable seat made of lightweight steel and textilene fabric.  It is fitted with additional body support through the maccabee ‘SideSupport Technology’ and like most of the products in this line, is a bargain at $30.

At these prices, it can’t hurt to have an extra chair or two.  At the least, make sure everyone has their own, or you might lose your seat.  Choose quality camping gear and it will last for years of outdoor journeys into the wild.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Duty Maccabee Camping Chairs”

  1. Hello,
    My name is Bonnie and I would just like to say I have enjoyed owning two of the MacCabee chairs and one of the loveseat lawn chairs….
    I’ve had these chairs for about 10 years and would like to order two more hopefully just like the ones I have.
    Would you please call me or send me your number as I want to send you a picture of one of them to show you what I do have.
    I have loved these chairs but they have been outside a lot over the years and are holding up still though they are a bit weathered now.
    Bonnie Jones (Phone number removed for privacy Bonnie – Penny)…Thank you

  2. These camping chairs are so cool to look at and they look wonderful too. Talking about heavy duty, I guess this would be a perfect fit for me because I am a big girl and my husband is even bigger than me. Thanks for the post.

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