Vintage Campers and Trailers Sales Prices

Do you have a vintage camper? It’s lots of fun to talk to other owners of vintage campers, and if you visit the vintage trailer supply link above, you will find they’re very knowledgeable about vintage camper and vintage trailer parts. If you’re looking to buy or sell vintage campers or trailers, feel free to leave a comment on this post for other readers, we’re happy to play matchmaker for vintage camper buffs!

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Here’s a post in response to a question I received from Joe S., regarding a vintage 1973 trailer that was recently listed on eBay.  Joe wanted to know if the vintage camper was still for sale.  I remembered seeing it, it had appeared briefly on this website in the vintage trailer eBay post.  (You can see that post here: Vintage Campers ) I thought there must be a way to find out if it sold or not.  It had been listed by one of my favorite sellers, and I knew if I dug around a bit in my emails I’d find old correspondence, but I wanted to think smarter, not harder!  So I did a search of completed listings on eBay Motors, and included the word “vintage” in the category for “RV’s and Campers”.  Eureka!  I struck gold!  Toward the bottom of the list of search results for 37 items, all listings that have ended, I found the listing I was looking for.  And sorry, Joe, it did sell.  (“Vintage Camper – Small Shasta Travel Trailer”).  This 1973 Vintage Retro Trailer sold on January 22, 2009 for only $809.99 on eBay.  There were 7 bids.  When I created this list it made a very interesting study in blue book values for vintage campers and trailers.  eBay is an excellent source of information to find the current sales prices for all types of recreational vehicles.  I saved the search, and you can see it here:  CLICK HERE:  EBAY VINTAGE CAMPERS AND TRAILERS  (Completed listings) So that’s my tip for today, Joe, and for everyone that needs to set the blue book value of a vintage camper or trailer – search eBay on the eBay Motors site, and go to “Advanced Search”, which you’ll find just to the right of the regular search button.  Under the “What are you looking for” you’ll see a box that you can scroll through.  Click on “Rv’s and Campers”.  Then you next click on the little downward arrow under “Type”.  You’ll see you can select from among the following:  Fifth Wheel, Folding Camper, Motorized class A, Motorized class B, Motorized class C, Toy Hauler, Travel Trailer, Truck Camper, or other.  This covers a pretty wide range of recreational vehicles for sale on eBay.  You can also experiment a bit with the “What are You Looking For” menu, selecting “Other Vehicles and Trailers”, and repeat the process of looking at the dropdown menu under “Type”.  This is an excellent way to determine the blue book value of vehicles that are no longer llsted on the Nada site online directory (free!) of camper and trailer prices.  Just out of curiosity for Joe, I also did a search of vintage trailers that are actively being listed, and found 9 current listings on eBay for vintage trailers.  I saved that search too, and here it is: CLICK HERE:  CURRENT EBAY AUCTIONS VINTAGE TRAILERS Do you have any other favorite places to check the blue book value of vintage campers and trailers?  Please leave a comment and let us know your favorite source for the blue book value of  vintage camper or trailer. Tags: , , , AlphaInventions Related Posts:  Class B RV

11 thoughts on “Vintage Campers and Trailers Sales Prices”

  1. Connie Lightfoot

    2002 Coleman Popup for sale- good condition , very large, stove,refrigerator, shower,toilet, 2 large beds, lots of storage Call 9415807422 or text


  2. Such a cool photo of the old Airstream. I can remember when they were new trailers!

    Don’t mean to be off topic, but are vintage trailers kind of like vintage cars in terms of enthusiasts restoring them, or is there some real advantage to owning an old trailer over a new model? I know they don’t make ’em like they used to, the same could be said for any kind of car, or appliance or durable equipment!

  3. can anyone help me with find out if my 66 hi-lo is worth any thing ? all original acc. holding tank /1 bench seat -bed / 1 dining table-bed. lift motor stll works all windows and screens needs some tlc. big b

    1. Hi big b,
      Thanks so much for this question, I’ve taken the challenge to dig deeper into the question of your vintage campers and trailers sales prices, and please check this post for an in-depth look: Travel Trailers

  4. I have a vintage 60″s slide in truck camper with shower, and bathroom, I think it is an avion, looks like an airstreem. want to sell if interested in helping please e-mail me thanks the camper is in realy good shape white oak interior

  5. Hello,
    I have a 1949 Crown Trailer for sale in Arizona. I am going to list is locally on craigslist along with ebay. Any ballpark idea’s on the value? It is in very restorable condition with original ice box, stove, etc. The wife and I have been pulling it around camping for years. I would be happy to get $1500 buck for it. Maybe there is an online vintage trailer website that has a for sale section? Thanks, Ryan

    1. Hi Ryan,

      I’m the editor for the blog where you recently posted a comment regarding your 1949 Crown Trailer. I’d be happy to write an article around your trailer and your sale, if you’d like. If so, can you please send photos, and then provide as much info as possible about the trailer. Is it licensed now? What you might want to do is search the completed listings on eBay – about halfway through the post I listed the link. (Click on the link, and log into eBay to view the completed listings.)

      Have you ever had a chance to visit the Yahoo Groups site? There are several vintage camper groups that are very active. What you might like to do is send the photos and description to me to post, then you can post a link to the article from the Yahoo Groups, and get more input from other vintage camper buffs.

      I look forward to hearing from you!


  6. Ok readers, I feel a bit like cupid here, getting these 2 folks together! I just sent Lynda an email, so we’ll see if she responds, and still has the ’55 Crown camper for sale! Cross your fingers!
    the blog admin

  7. We have a 55 Crown and would welcome the chance to buy the trailer badges and other parts that you may still have. If you still have this trailer please contact us.

  8. Hi Lynda,
    I have several suggestions for you on ideas of how to sell the 1955 Crown Trailer. Vintage trailers are very collectible, and even if the trailer is in poor condition, there’s probably someone that would really love to restore it. First, make sure that you have title to the trailer. Not sure? Check with your local DMV office to establish clear title. Next, probably the simplest and cheapest way to sell the vintage trailer is to place a free ad on Take pictures, even if you think the pictures aren’t very good, it’ll give someone an idea of the condition of the vintage trailer. List as many details of the condition as you can think of, and include the story of the trailer for a bit of romance. One owner? Found it on your uncle’s ranch? Whatever the story, it’ll be interesting. If it doesn’t sell on Craigslist, try eBay. Click any of the links above and you’ll get an idea of how people list them, and there are links for the completed sales prices too. If this sounds like too much work, you might be able to donate it to charity and let them sell it – you could try your local Habitat for Humanity Restore.

    Good luck! If you’d like to send a picture and details I’d be happy to make a post on this blog about your sale to drum up some interest. We get quite a few readers for the vintage camper and vintage trailer articles.

    Best of luck!
    Blog admin

  9. lynda palladino

    I (my mom) have a1955 crown trailer that I would like to sell probably for parts any ideas on who to contact for help and questions.

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