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What’s the best way to sell a camper, trailer, or RV?  Excellent question, and one that I asked a reader of this site recently.  I stumbled upon Liz, who was selling a vintage trailer on eBay.  Since I have a vintage trailer eBay viewer on this site, and her trailer popped up, she got a bit more visibility for her eBay auction.  (I have the eBay auction viewer dialed in to the keywords “vintage” “retro” and “trailer”.)  Here’s the link:  Vintage Trailers on eBay.   So every time anyone anywhere has a vintage or retro trailer, and they’ve used those words to describe their eBay auction, it’ll pop up on my site.  Sometimes there are one or two, sometimes a dozen, sometimes none… 

So that understood, now to the point about Liz, and how we got to exchanging emails!  Someone saw her ebay vintage trailer auction here and sent me an email through the camper-blue-book-value website that they were interested in Liz’s vintage trailer and wanted to pick it up the same day!  So I replied to the person inquiring that they needed to go through eBay and either place a bid, or send the seller an inquiry.  Being an active eBay seller myself, I’m familiar with how it works.  I wasn’t sure the person that sent me the email was familiar with how to buy through eBay, so I sent an inquiry to the seller and let her know of the interest, and passed on the email address and the phone number of the interested party.  And then Liz (the vintage trailer owner) and I traded a few more email, and I asked her what she thought of selling through eBay, and she replied!  (I know what she said, but I’ll give her a chance here to tell you in her own words!)  And since she’s sold 10 trailers this year I’d say she’s a good resident expert to interview! 

Hit it Liz!


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  1. Looking for some advice. My mother has a 2010 Copper Canyon 5th wheel in excellent shape, she and dad used it less than 6 times before he suddenly passed away last July. We are having a very hard time selling it and we are very motivated sellers. Monroe County, Ohio is a rural area so we are not getting alot of interest. Any suggestions for me to help my Mom move this really nice camper?

  2. margie hoppel

    We have a 2003 coachman travel trailer.for sale. It is 25ft. awning; air tintedwindows. We are asking 7000.00 for it but willing to change the amount. You can emailme .Thankyou

  3. Dorothy Rimmer

    I have a good fifth wheel camper that I would like to sell. The only thing that is wrong with it is that it could use a new awning. It is fully equipped with all the essentials. It has a queen size bed, loveseat that converts to a bed, washer/dryer hookup, full kitchen, living room, shower and bathroom. We used it to take to the river in the summer but we haven’t used it in 2 years and would like to sell it. It is a 2003 33ft Cardinal and I am asking 10,000 dollars. Any assistant that you could give me would be greatly appreciated. If you have any advise for me you can email me at any time.
    Thank You
    Dorothy Rimmer

  4. (In response to this email) Hi we are still looking for a 12 ft vintage trailer, so if you want to give your friend my email that would be fine, please use this address:(deleted for the blog…)

    Hi Liz,
    I’m forwarding an email to you from a gentleman that is interested in purchasing a trailer. Have any 12 footers currently? How’s your winter going for you, ready for spring?

    Take care!

  5. Excellent, thanks Liz for sharing a few minutes! I’ve also met a lot of nice people that are interested in vintage campers by being a member of a vintage trailer group on Yahoo – it’s a fun group with lots of postings about lots of different type of vintage trailers. I learn something new every day with this group! Here’s the link to the vintage trailer group on eYahoo:

    Thanks again, Liz!
    Penny – the blog moderator

  6. Hi everyone – in the last year I have specialized in selling small vintage campers. I tried to stay under 13 feet and in the 1000lbs range, this is the range I felt most people would be interested in given the gas prices in early in 2008. Moreover, it’s the campers I love.

    In my experience, I prefer craigslist for selling campers. It is a better medium for the high population area in which I live – the DC metro area. Other than tons of scam emails, one has to wade through, I’ve had good luck here and better returns on the campers over my research of the same campers sold on E-BAY. Please note, I love E-BAY and think it offers a valuable service, but relative to campers in my area it’s not the best venue. In my opinion using E-Bay for selling vintage campers are best for low population and rural areas, or for highly specialized items – ie vintage camper parts. From my research and my experience has shown me my profit margin is about 2 times higher when selling on craigslist because the price reflects the market demands in my specific area.

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