Coleman Pop Up Campers

Coleman Pop Up Campers

Coleman Pop Up Campers are a great way to get your feet wet in the outdoors!  If you’ve been pitching a tent when you camp and would like to move up a notch or two on the comfort scale, you can’t go wrong with one of the best pop up campers on the market:  Coleman pop up campers. 


If you’re thinking of purchasing a Coleman pop up camper, and wondering what steps to take, here are some suggestions to help you avoid analysis paralysis!  First, before you set foot outside your front door, determine your camping budget.  Things to consider include the number of times per year you’ll use your new (or new to you!) Coleman pop up camper, and how many years you plan to keep it.  You’ll want to make sure that buying a pop up camper makes more sense for you than an occasional camper rental.  Then take a look at your annual camping budget overall.  How much do you spend for gas to get to your location?  Do you pay extra for recreational needs when you get to your camping location, such as boat rental?  What are campground fees and other expenses?  Will you need to purchase or modify a vehicle to tow your new Coleman pup up camper?  What is the tow rating for your vehicle?  That part is super important as it will limit your tow capacity.  Next, determine what portion of this budget is for the new Coleman pop up camper itself.  Does this portion include insurance for the new camper?  Once you’ve factored in all the details, you should be left with the dollar amount you can spend on a pop up camper.  Write this number down!  Consider this number carefully.  When you’re confident with this number, and ONLY then, have some fun shopping for your new pop up coleman camper! 

Take a general look at Craigslist and in your local newspapers to see what is available, to get an idea of the Coleman popup model you like.  Do you need the bare bones basics or do you prefer all the creature comforts?  Will you be camping in summer warmth only, or need winter warmth?  As you narrow down your needs and look at available models, you’ll be making a list of the models you see, the prices, and you’ll naturally be drawn more in one direction more than others.  If you can afford  a new,Coleman camper,  you might want to visit some dealers, clutching tightly the piece of paper with your budgeted figure!  It can get pretty overwhelming there on the showroom floor as you look at all the Coleman pop up campers options!

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