Cute Vintage Trailer Slideshow

This is so cute, I think you’ll just love it, and I couldn’t resist showing it to you here.  This is such a great vintage trailer slideshow, with a hot Johnny Cash tune! (One piece at a time) Watch it closely, they’ve done a great job matching the pictures to the lyrics!  Thanks to the Midwest Vintage Trailer Rally for this post on YouTube!

You'll get such a kick out of watching this, if you're a nostalgia buff like I am.  This vintage trailer slideshow features old time homemade rvs, Airstream Trailers, Shasta Trailers, Scotty Trailers, teardrop and Spartan Trailers, and many more!  When you were growing up did your family have any of these?  We had a pop-up camper, but it wasn't cute and vintage.

“I could see in her eyes that she had her doubts!” (Watch for that line!!!)

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