You Can Find New or Used Travel Trailers on eBay – Find a Great Deal Today!

A quick search of eBay finds an amazing assortment of travel trailers!  eBay makes your search simple.  If you’re looking to establish travel trailer values, you’ve come to the right place!  To begin, visit eBay Motors – we’ll give you some eBay links to select from for your travel trailers on eBay.  Here’s what to do:  we’ve already dialed in the search options on the eBay site for campers in the general categories listed below.  These are some of the most popular searches for rv trailers and rv campers on eBay.  You can see the current listing prices, however you won’t see the historical data for the sold items.  There’s a little trick with eBay that you need to know about to get camper values – just sign in, or if you don’t have an eBay account – sign up for one.  It’s relatively easy – you’ll need an email address, but it’s worth it to do some research for used camper blue book values.

Click Here:  Travel Trailers eBay – Toy Haulers

Click Here: Travel Trailers eBay

Click Here: Travel Trailers eBay – Keystone

Click Here: Travel Trailers eBay – Pop-Ups (Folding Campers, Tent Trailers)

You can find a huge assortment of travel trailers eBay.  Please use the links above and modify your search to view the current eBay listings for these travel trailers values listed below.  In addition to these travel trailers on eBay, you’ll find even more brands.  Have fun shopping for your new and used travel trailers on eBay!  eBay is a great place to get more for your money, when you shop for your used travel trailer, you’ll find great travel trailer values!

Vintage Camper Trailer
Vintage Camper Trailer

Write down the brand names that follow in this bullet list to help you broaden your search for travel trailers on eBay.

Since different people write their eBay adds differently, you might find more listings by mentioning the brand name.  Also, some of these names are not too common, and you may not find them in your area, so keep in mind that you can ship your camper to it’s destination once the transaction is complete, if you are selling a travel trailer, and also the same is true if your are buying one.

  • Airstream, Aline, Aljo Lite, Bambi, Casita, Coachmen, Coleman, Conway, Damon, Dutchmen, Expandable, Fifth Wheel, Fleetwood, Folding Campers; Travel Trailers eBay
  • Forest River, Four Winds, Glendale, Gulf Stream, Holiday Rambler; Hybrid, Travel Trailers eBay
  • Jamboree, Jayco, Jumping Jack, Keystone, Light Weight, Lite, Little Guy, Monaco, Motorcycle, Newmar, Nomad, Northwood, Outback;Travel Trailers eBay
  • Palomino, Pilgrim International, Pop-Up Campers, Potomac, Prowler, Rapido, Retro, Rockwood, R-Vision;Travel Trailers eBay
  • Safari, Salem, Scotty, Shasta, Silver Shadow, Skamp, Skamper, Skyline, Slide Campers, Sportsmen, Springdale, Sprinter, Starcraft;Travel Trailers eBay
  • Sunline, Sunnybrook, Sunvalley, Tahoe, Tear Drop, Tent Trailers, Terry, Thor, Timberland, Trailmanor; Travel Trailers eBay
  • Travel Supreme, Viking, Vintage, Weekend Warrior, Wildwood, Zeppelin; Travel Trailers eBay

Keep in mind that there is no absolute figure for the value of a used camper or trailer, it’s more about what the market will bear.  If you’re selling a camper in the winter in Oklahoma, you’ll likely get considerable less for it than if you were selling it in the spring in California.  So value is relative.  See what similar models to yours have been selling for within a few hundred miles of where you are going to be selling your own camper or trailer, and you can approximate the price range that yours will be sold for.

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