What are the 6 Key Areas to Establishing My Camper Value?

How Can I Look Into My Camper Value?

Are you buying or selling a camper and need to check it’s current worth?  It’s actually a pretty easy process, but if you’re overwhelmed you’re welcome to leave a comment and we’ll be glad to research the matter a bit for you.  Ready to get started?  When searching for your new or used camper value take into consideration these 6 important points!  Camper value consists of age, brand, condition, location and economy.  Before searching comparable models on the market, here’s what you’ll need to look at for your model before you can take the next step.

  1. The year of manufacture plays a large part in determining camper value.  Unless you’re evaluating a vintage camper, the newer the better is generally true.  Safety features of current models are probably better than previous models.  Experience in manufacturing generally leads to better styles and workmanship, positively affecting the camper value.
  2. The camper brand and its’ popularity are key to camper value.  Although one camper might be manufactured exactly the same as another brand, brand is important in camper value.
  3. It goes without saying that the condition is vitally important in determining camper value.  A well maintained camper will very obviously be of a higher value than a camper poorly maintained.
  4. Recent sales data will support your estimate of camper value.  You can check eBay motors, Nada guides, Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds for info.  Craigslist is becoming increasingly popular also for checking camper value.  eBay Motors is easy to check live auctions for the geographical area you are looking to establish the camper value.
  5. The overall economy will affect your camper value.  When people have excess money to purchase items, it drives inflation.  When excess cash is not readily available, inflation will drop, and prices will go down.  The definition of inflation is too many dollars chasing too few products.  Depending on whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll like this factor of camper value.  At the time of this post we’re in a period of next to zero inflation, which will keep the value of a camper very low.  There is an excess of inventory on the market currently, so this is a buyers market.
  6. Geographic area plays a part in your camper value.  Some areas have milder climates, supporting camping for more days per year.  Also consider how the camper has been stored, inside out of the weather, or outside to brave it alone.  You might also look into whether the camper has been driven much on winter roads that have been icy and salted down.  The salt will age the underbelly of the camper, and that will pull down the camper value.

Have we left out anything you think about when it comes to camper value?  Please join the conversation and let us know what you secret is to establishing camper value!

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4 thoughts on “What are the 6 Key Areas to Establishing My Camper Value?”

  1. I have a 2019 R pod. It is in excellent condition I won’t to sell it but i have no idea what is it worth and how to sell it.

  2. I am looking for the value of 2017 vintage cruiser Gulfstream 19erd. It has soar power, 2 TV, stereo surround sound, full size refrigerator, awnining with lights.

  3. I have 2008 HY-LINE park model RV. It has three slide outs. One large bedroom and another bedroom with bunk beds. It is 42 feet long. It has a new full size refrigerator, A four burner stove with an oven. It has a working air conditioner and furnace. It has a very big bathroom with a full bath and shower. It has a full length deck and a hard top awning. I would like to know the value.

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