Metal RV Carports

When it comes to protecting your expensive RV investment, many of you will likely spare no expense to make sure that your baby is taken care of, however there are some more practical and affordable solutions instead of building an entire garage or storage system just for your recreational vehicle. One of the most popular solutions to storing an RV is to go with metal RV carports, this is primarily because carports tend to be much more affordable than the traditional garage but they can also provide the same level of protection at the same time.

Metal RV carports come in two basic types of metal designs, one of them is an aluminum carport, while the other is made of steel. The primary benefit to going with an aluminum carport is the fact that it will likely be much more lightweight than its steel counterpart. This is particularly handy for those of you who may not have an incredibly solid foundation and will need a lighter material. Aluminum carports are also very popular due to the fact that they are much more affordable because steel is much more expensive to produce than aluminum. The major drawback to an aluminum carport is the fact that it is not going to be as durable or as long-lasting as a steel carport, but usually it’s more than serviceable for the lifetime of the RV.

Your other alternative is to go with a steel carport design, and these are usually the go-to carports for many RV owners who invested thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars into their recreational vehicle. This is primarily for the same reasons stated above, that steel tends to be much more longer lasting endurable than aluminum. Steel carports have another benefit that aluminum models do not, in the fact that they can be weatherised and turned into galvanized steel which is a steel that has been coated in a solution that allows the frame to be much more resistant to harsh weather and seasonal changes.

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