Don’t Forget to Buy Insurance For Your Recreational Vehicle

Don’t overlook one of the basic expenses of RV ownership, which is insuring it.  When you’re considering insurance for your recreational vehicle it’s really best to obtain the information prior to the purchase. At the time you’re narrowing down your purchase choices, you’ll be looking at a variety of recreational vehicles such as new and used rvs, new and used tent trailers, pop up trailers, and all models of new and used campers for sale. What should you keep in mind related to insurance?

Who should you talk to about buying insurance for your new camper?  This process is something you’ve no doubt already gone through many times in the past with your car, and your camper insurance can probably be taken care of by the same agent.  Although I wouldn’t recommend leaving this decision to the last minute, you’ll probably find that your rv sales team can help you out.  As you might guess, the insurance options available for recreational vehicles vary widely.

How much will it cost?  When you consider your insurance budget you’ll need to decide your tolerance for risk and loss.  As you might expect, the less you pay for recreational vehicle insurance, the more risk of loss you are exposed to.  You can talk to your personal insurance broker or the rv sales dealer for detailed information.  At the very minimum  you’ll want to protect yourself from any damage you might cause to other people.  Just like driving a car, when you’re driving a recreational vehicle you need collision insurance.  And with new motor homes you’ll need a lot more than the bare bones insurance to protect your major investment!

Where should you buy your insurance?  Which company provides the most comprehensive insurance recreational vehicle at the lowest cost?  Get a few quotes.  Don’t be pressured by a recreational vehicle dealer, just take your time and make some calls!  Just like shopping for auto insurance, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best deal!

Will you get pressured at the showroom?  Plan your trip to the motorhome dealer in advance.  Make a list of the information you need to gather, and be sure to consider your insurance needs.  Remember that even if you were to pay cash today for your new motor home or used recreational vehicle, the expense of insurance will last the entire time you own your recreational vehicle….  Make an informed decision!

Have you had some good experiences with your camper insurance decisions?  Please leave a comment and let us know how it went for you.

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