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Wondering how to determine camper values? Camper values are more an art than science, an elusive data trail leading to the camper values info that you need. Trying to find the best deal on a camper you’ve selected? Check recent sales prices for camper values. Need to sell your camper? Find the current camper values in today’s market. Stay tuned and we’ll give you some pointers to find camper values!

Camper Values can be determined by looking at the Kelley blue book or Nada Guide for camper values, and then taking a look at the actual sales values for Campers.  Your research will vary a bit based on your reason to establish recreational vehicle values.  Do you need to buy or sell a new or used RV or trailer?  Just like new car prices vs used car prices, there is a spread in camper values as soon as you take a new camper off the lot.  Whether you’re in need of selling your camper or purchasing one, eBay provides a large enough sample of recent SALES to help you determine the camper values, whether it’s a vintage camper or new motorhome you’re looking to price.  The easiest way to search the eBay site is to go to eBay Motors and search the completed listings.  It’s easy to do, and you can go to eBay here:  CLICK HERE:  eBay

When you’re looking at camper values, a quick tour of eBay, CraigsList, Nada Guides, Kelley Blue Book, and will give you the background info you need for camper values!

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  1. Gary Stephens
    I have a 2020 Coachmen Freedom Express 324RLDSE 37′ Liberty Edition with approximately 5000 miles in good condition that I would like to get a value on. It has a Queen bed, 3 slides, outside cooking and refrigerator.

  2. i have a 1991 frankline camper, it is not a pop-up camper. It has a room with sink and shower then it has a room with a toliet. it has a fridge and stove lots of cabinets, table, ect. it sleeps 8. it has a bedroom at on end that has a full bed with a bunkbed on top then you walk in a small hallway and shower room on left and bathroom next to it. then you walk in to the kitchen,there is a door in back bedroom and another door in the kitchen. there is a bedroom in the back.there is a small tv with a vcr. i was wanting to know how much it is worth.

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  4. Hi Richard – Thanks for the comment. I just wrote a post to explain how to find the camper value”completed listing” search that may be helpful. Here’s the post I wrote today to answer your question of how to find the value: Camper Blue Book. For your specific model, I checked to see if any comps. have sold on eBay. When I searched “fan” and camper I didn’t see any listings, so I checked a similar vintage camper of that era that is more common – the “shasta”. For this I did show quite a few listings, with sales prices varying from several hundred dollars to a few thousand. Here’s the saved search so you can see the listings: Shasta Campers Completed Listings on eBay. Now I have a few questions for you to see what you’d like to do next. Do you ask the question of camper blue book because you’d like to sell or insure your camper? And would you like to narrow down more completely the price you might expect should you sell it? If so, I’d be glad to help you in more detail, if you could provide a picture of the exterior, the interior, and some checklists of the interior and exterior condition, I’ll write a post and do a complete write-up for you.
    Penny – the blog Admin.

  5. Richard C Betty ,Sr

    I have a 1967 17foot hard top Fan camper sleeps 6 toilet,gas stove,elec refrige,15 gal holding tank,with battery back up,gas heater,2 propain tanks,new tires. Would like to know how much is worth Thanks Richard

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