Fifth Wheel Motorhome Blue Book Value

What is a Fifth Wheel Motorhome? A Fifth wheel motorhome is a two-level unit, and is generally very roomy. A Fifth-wheel motorhome can provide the greatest living of all towable RVs.

Fifth-wheel travel trailers come equipped with all the comforts of home, and are perfectly adaptable for weekend getaways, family vacations and full time RVing. The Fifth Wheel motorhome offers great versatility. It can be towed to its’ destination, set up, and offers the ease of local transportation with the fifth wheel tow vehicle. If you’re thinking of full time RVing, keep in mind a fifth wheel recreational vehicle does not have a motor, and requires an appropriate truck to be hitched to and towed by a pickup equipped with special hitch in the truck bed.

Looking into RVing full time? Buying or selling a fifth wheel? Need to establish a fifth wheel motorhome blue book value? Read more in this post. To establish the blue book value of a fifth wheel motorhome that you are buying or selling, compare the blue book value of the same fifth wheel model. Make a list of these items for comparison: price, year, model number, location, type, length, stock number, and condition. When you’re comparing the blue book value for a fifth wheel, you’ll get a general idea of the range of fifth wheel prices. If you are selling a fifth wheel motorhome focus your efforts around locating similar fifth wheels for sale. There are many websites that list used fifth wheels for sale, including eBay. eBay Motors also offers an advanced search that allows you to look at listings that are completed.

This gives you an idea of the market, if the fifth wheel is priced well for the market you can see if there’s demand for this type, and if it sold. If you are purchasing a fifth wheel motorhome, set your price range first. Know the maximum you are willing to pay, including any hidden expenses. Include transfer fees, registration fees, smog tests, and transporting the fifth wheel to you. When you’re comparing the blue book value of fifth wheel motorhomes, don’t get carried away with upgrades, but make a list of the available models in your price range to compare. Here’s a post that details the listing price of current trailers, campers, pop-up trailers, RV’s and toyhaulers:


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  1. Hello I hope you can help me find a value on a 1999/itas camper\rv it only has 66,000 miles and is in mint condition on the inside

  2. Hi;
    I was wondering if you can help me with the value on a 2002 Nomad 5th wheel camper would be?

    Thank You in advance for any help you can give me.

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