Tents Provide Shelter For the Family When Camping And At The Beach

Family Tents and Beach Tents

You don’t need to wait to go camping until you have the perfect camper, trailer or motorhome!  It’s easy to assemble your camping needs with basic, easy to afford caming supplies.  To start your camping list, decide how many people will regularly go camping as a group, and in what type of weather.  Will you just use your tent once or twice while you’re looking to buy the perfect camper?  This will help you set the budget for your family tent.

Camping is a very popular activity among people for family vacations or trips.  In order to go camping with a large group or family, you will need to have family tents.  There are many different types of camping tents to choose from and it is important to keep size in mind when choosing a tent so that you have enough room to comfortably house everyone on your next camping trip.

There are large and small tents with varieties to each size.  You should decide what is best for your family and also best for you pocket because some of these tents can get pretty expensive.  There are tents that have different compartments, or rooms, so that each person can still have privacy; however, they also have dome tents that are just as large that contain just one single opening that can fit four people or more.

Two main different types of styles to choose from when choosing a family style tent are dome tents and cabin tents.  Each of these come in different varieties and has numerous sizes to decide between.  However, you must remember that if a tent does not have the word “family” on it, it does not mean that your family cannot fit in it because a large tent will work just as well.

These types of tents are different from beach tents.  Tents intended for use on the beach are generally much smaller and more lightweight, and the main purpose of them is to provide protection from the sun rather than protection from the wilderness and shelter to sleep in.  Beach Tents are easy to assemble because they usually just pop up or push up.  Once again, there are many different sizes to choose from, but all of them are easy to assemble and lightweight compared to a family tent.  Sizes range from baby and kid sized tents all the way up to larger tents to shield a whole family from the sun.  The tents can be fully enclosed or have just a canopy with a roof shield.

With the increase of awareness of sun damage, this kind of tent is being seen more and more often on the beach because it is an easy and lightweight way to protect you from the harmful UV rays that the sun shines down on us at every second.  The way that these tents protect us is that the fabric blocks the UV rays from hitting us.  The more UV protection a tent provides, the more it is going to cost, but it could be worth it if it can protect future health problems.

Backpacking tents are practical if you are walking to your camp site.  These tents are lightweight and conserve space while stored.  Usually great for one person, and a squeeze for two, backpacking tents shouldn’t be considered family tents, although they would probably make great beach tents.  While you might think that a backpacking tent would be inexpensive due to it’s small size, you might be surprised by how expensive it turns out to be!

Be sure to put a tent on your camping supplies list!

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