Dyna Glo Heaters

When you’re making your camping supplies list, be sure to include a heater if the weather will be cool.  This article describes a portable propane heater that you might enjoy having with you on the next cold camp nite!

Dyna Glo Tag-A-Long portable propane heaters are very useful little heaters that can, with a source of propane, provide you with a source of portable heat on any sort of outdoor adventure.  Portable propane heaters have long been popular with campers and RVers.  I will briefly discuss the merits of this particular model line.

Similar to the famed Mr. Buddy heaters, Dyna-Glo propane heaters are powered – naturally enough – by propane.  More specifically, they utilize the commonly available 16oz Coleman propane canisters which can be easily found in many stores.  This means you will always be able to find fuel for these heaters.

One neat feature of these Dyna-glo heaters is their method of stowing the propane canister.  The incorporate a swiveling valve to allow for attachment of the canister at a convenient angle.  Once attached the canister is swiveled down and stored within the heater itself.  This is a very neat and clean setup!

Another great thing about these portable heaters is the safety features. They incorporate sensors that can detect both low oxygen, or if the heater has fallen over. If either of these conditions is detected the heater will automatically shut-off to prevent asphyxiation or fire.

These heaters, depending on the model chosen, can produce anywhere from 4500 to 16000 BTU.  They run on either one or two – based on the model – propane canisters.  The base model can run for 6 hours, while the larger two canister model can produce 10 hours’ worth of heat.  With a few spare canisters kept in reserve, one of these devices can provide sufficient heat for an extended trip.

Whatever your application – camping, RV use, caravan or travel trailer – Dyna Glo heaters are definitely worth looking into.  They could well be the ideal match for your portable heating needs.  Enjoy your next camping trip!

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