Vintage Camper Blue Book Value

Vintage Camper Blue Book Value

What’s the blue book value of a vintage camper trailer?  Priceless!!!  Vintage campers are so cute and adorable, they’re just about the toughest type of camper to establish a value for!  I recently saw a musuem quality airstream trailer listed for $60,000. on eBay, and I’ll bet they get their asking price! (Click here for Vintage Travel Trailers on eBay.)   Part of the value in a vintage travel trailer camper is nostalgia, part of the blue book value is rarity, something that doesn’t apply at all to brand new campers, trailers and RV’s!

I was honored today when I noticed that was getting visitors from a fantastic site, American Vintage RV.  (Go visit – they’re FABULOUS!!)  Their pictures are incredible, and I LOVE their ads!  I clicked on a way cool retro picture of a station wagon, (could almost picture my 3 sisters and I in it in 1962!) and I visited the Vintage RV Supply website, where you can buy EVERYTHING for your vintage camper. Including – big scoop here – DVD’s with lots of great information on major aircraft-type trailers (Airstream, Avion, Silver Streak, Streamline, Airfloat, Boles Aero, Kit and Avalon) and archives with lots of pictures of the vintage campers, original vintage camper brochures, ads, floor plans, specifications.   That’s just one of the DVD’s, and they also have Spartan, Spartanette, 1940 Trailer Life Magazine, 1950’s Mobile Living, and on and on!  So if you’re a 1940’s and 1950’s Americana buff, combine that interest with camping and you have – Vintage Campers!

So here’s the tip of the day for establishing the Blue Book Value of a Vintage Camper or other Vintage Recreational Vehicle – Hop over to, and check out their DVD’s for everthing to do with Vintage Campers.  Here’s the link:  Vintage RV Supply Website.  These CDRom’s are just $9.99 each,  and what a fantastic selection!  And then go visit American Vintage RV, and browse – and be sure to check out the YouTube of the “don’t bother knockin if the trailer is rockin!” Here’s the link:  American Vintage RV

Do you love vintage campers?  Have any tips for establishing the Blue Book Value of a Vintage Camper?  (Any great pics we could publish???!!!)  It’d be great to hear from you!  Please leave a comment!

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  1. David R Carbone

    I have a 1972 sturey pop up camper in mint shape all original no leaks stored and maintained. Some fading and minor wear and tear and a few zippers that dont work. Hing unit works great. Wondering what the value is for this one owner camper

  2. I have a 1950 small Avalon Travel Trailer 13-15ft. It has some splitting seams and major water damage in the interior. The floor at entry is sagging and weak. I think only one window is broken. What is the value of this trailer? Thanks for your help.

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