What are the Popular Camper Values?

The appeal of the Airstream camper trailer is as strong now as it was in the 1950’s.  This is the best example I can think of where you can enjoy the fun of vintage and still enjoy the convenience of a brand new beautiful model. If you’d like to look at some examples of vintage campers and trailers on eBay, you can take a quick look by clicking on this link: Fun and retro campers: Vintage Airstream.  The Airstream couldn’t be more inviting.  You don’t necessarily have to make the large investment to purchase an Airstream, and if you are wondering if your vehicle can handle the towed weight you can rent a very nice pickup truck with a tow package already factory installed.  The really interesting angle here is the idea of renting the Airstream and tow vehicle!  Since the purchase of a luxury camper is quite expensive it certainly makes sense to rent one for an outing or two before making the financial commitment.  Why not try on an Airstream and check out the fit for your family before purchasing a new or used Airstream?  There are several camper rental outfits that rent Airstreams in Phoenix Arizona and elsewhere.

There are so many popular camper styles, let’s talk about the highlights of the different camper values.  Some of the most popular campers for summer are the Airstream Camper Trailer, the Teardrop trailer RV, the VW or Camper Van, the RV, and the Pop-Up Trailer.  Here’s a rundown of the different camper values, or camper blue book values.

  • Airstream camper trailers can be purchased used as well as new.  The values for the Airstream will vary according to the age, model, and wear and tear on the camper.  The Airstream camper value is well documented in several different websites.  If you’re looking to buy an Airstream trailer, try checking with your local credit union or bank to check the blue book value.  The KBB (Kelly Blue Book) is issued (as a book!) several times per year, and is available by subscription.  Although it’s nice to have a brand new copy, you can sometimes find a used copy for sale.  You can also check your library to see if they have any in the reference section to sit down with.  You can bring your laptop to the library if they have an internet connection, and sit down and calculate camper values using the Kelley Blue Book for Campers.  These are the categories that KBB values covers:  Folding Trailer values, Fifth Wheel Trailer values, Travel Trailer values, Van Conversion values, camper blue book values, and motor home rv values.  You can find more info on the KBB website (Kelley Blue Book Value.)
  • Teardrop campers, or tiny campers, are very popular.  They’re easy to tow, and generally lightweight, and a good camper value.  Check the tow capacity of your vehicle – and don’t forget to estimate the amount of luggage and household (camping) items that need to be stored inside the camper.  The teardrop camper will be of a good value to climb in out of the weather.   Next time you’re tent camping in the rain, visualize the convenience of a tiny teardrop trailer!  Dry sleeping bags!  Cozy mattress!
  • The VW or Camper van has been a great camper value and  popular way to travel and camp for decades.  My Grandparents picked up a Volkswagen Camper in Europe in the early 70’s and traveled in style and comfort all over Europe.  When they were done with their trip they shipped the camper van home, and I remember playing in it as a kid.  They documented their trip, and I could tell from their journals that the memory lasted a lifetime for them.
  • RV’s range in value from several thousand dollars for a vintage Winnebago to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new luxury RV.  If you’re looking for rv values, you can find a handy resource on the Nada website.  This online camper blue book value website is easy to use, and includes thousands of camper model values.  Just use Nada’s handy A to Z camper value matrix to look up the precise model and year camper you’re looking for, plug in the features, the mileage (if applicable) and you can estimate the used value.  They also have some telephone numbers on their website for cash for RV’s.  Nada is a great resource for establishing camper blue book value if you know specifically the model camper you need the values for.  Nada isn’t helpful if you want to just browse and get an idea of what you need, you’d have to click links endlessly to calculate camper values, and the pictures and reviews just aren’t there.  It’s a lot more helpful to browse eBay if you’re just looking to kick some tires!
  • Last but not least, one of the most popular models is a folding camper, which is also known as a a pop-up trailer.  This should be lighter weight and easier to tow than a full length camper trailer, less weight for better gas mileage, easier to park, and less expensive.  If you’re looking to buy a pop-up trailer used, you can check your local Craigslist site for pop-up campers,  folding trailer values, fold down camper values and so on.  Basically what you’re looking for is a trailer that changes size when you set it up.  Most pop-up campers have extensions that pull out or fold out, giving you room to place your mattress for a good night’s sleep.  I’m partial to the pop up camper system that cranks or uses hydraulics to open, because a single adult can set up the pop-up camper.  For an idea of pop-up camper values you can also check your local newspaper to see if they’re running any ads for camper lots.  If so, stop by and let them know which mode l you’d like, and if you don’t see it on the lot they’ll keep you in mind for any trade-ins that come in.  eBay is a great site to search also, just to see what’s on the market and how much it’s selling for.

Whatever type of camper you select, I hope you enjoy the experience of selecting it, and hope you look forward with anticipation to your first road trip!

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