Nada Guide for Camper Blue Book Value

Looking to establish the Blue Book Value for a camper, camping trailer, motor home, travel trailer, fifth wheels, park model or a heavy duty tow vehicle? In addition to internet searches of sites with campers and RV’s listed for sale, and the KBB guide, the Nada Guide provides excellent references for determining the price for a camper or RV. Used Nada Guides are inexpensive and can provide a good starting place for determining the blue book value of a camper or RV. You can search eBay and Amazon for their used Nada Guide listings. Here’s a link to Amazon. If the current edition is not available, you can pre-order a used version.

They had over a 100 different used Nada Guides for sale recently at very reasonable prices. Why not order the new Nada Recreation Vehicle Guide? It takes the guesswork out of establishing the blue book value of a camper, RV, etc. The new Nada 2009 Recreation Vehicle Appraisal Guide January 2009 issue ships December 17, 2009! The single issue price is $66., or the 1 year subscription (3 issues) costs $132. The new Nada 2009 Recreation Vehicle covers 15 Years of Used Wholesale, Retail, and Suggested List Prices from 1995 – 2009. The Nada Recreation Vehicle Guide covers Truck Campers, Camping Trailers, Motor Homes, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Park Models and Heavy-Duty Tow Vehicles. This edition of the Nada Guide for Recreation Vehicles includes easy-to-use mileage tables, optional equipment sections, freight chart schedules and more! Updated 3 Times per Year (Jan. – May – Sept.) These references are very handy, and even a copy that is a few months out of date is very useful.

Another way to locate a copy of the Nada Guide to Recreational Vehicles is to check on eBay. There are two ways to search for Nada Guides on eBay. The first is to search the books category on eBay itself, and I have done that and saved the search: CLICK HERE: Check eBay for Nada Guides The second, and probably better of the to methods to locate a Nada Recreational Guide on eBay is to search eBay’s website. I’ve done that also, and saved the search: CLICK HERE: Check eBay for Nada Guides

Have you used the Nada Guide for Recreational Vehicles? Was it helpful to determine the actual blue book value of a camper? Please leave a comment and share your experiences. Thanks!

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7 thoughts on “Nada Guide for Camper Blue Book Value”

  1. I have a 1953 Arris Airstream that I would like to pass on to someone that will get use from it. I don’t know a value on it, it is in Fair condition, single axle, has not been moved several years.

  2. Thanks, Todd for letting us know about your incredible work on vintage campers! I’d be glad to add your site to my blog roll, and I hope that anyone that loves vintage campers and trailers as much as you do will enjoy visiting your vintage trailer restoration site! Here’s the link, folks, check it out!
    Penny – the blog admin.

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