Coleman Camper – Review of Coleman Camper

Coleman Camper – Review of Coleman Camper

The Coleman camper has been a top US folding camper model since 1979.  The Coleman company has been manufacturing folding campers since the mid 1960’s, and is the only type of camping trailers it manufactures.  The Coleman camper trailer is an economical choice to purchase, maintain, and tow.  Coleman camper is distributed to camping enthusiasts around the world, and continues to increase in popularity.

The Coleman camper is an RV tent trailer which is set up to expand to provide comfortable living spaces.  The side and end walls of the camper are fabric, which is why the Coleman camper is referred to as a tent trailer.  The Coleman camper is towed to its’ desired location, and the roof is raised, and the end sections are pulled out to create the additional living space. 

When you’re thinking of purchasing a Coleman folding camper, consider the vehicle that will tow the folding camper first.  If you are going to utilize your current vehicle to tow the Coleman camper, find out the towing capacity of the vehicle.  You can find this out from your auto dealer or from the vehicle’s owners manual.  When you think about the camper weight, be sure to consider the fully loaded weight (all the items you stow aboard the camper when you tow it), and not the dry weight, which is just the camper itself.  Most Coleman campers fall within the range of slightly less than one ton to two tons.  (1,500 to 4000 lbs.)  You’ll need to verify that the weight of the tow vehicle plus the fully loaded camper trailer do not exceed the Gross Combined Weight Rating of the tow vehicle.  This weight range indicates the Coleman camper can easily be towed by most family sized sedans, SUV’s, and mini vans, making it a very economical choice for family camping. 

Next consider the requirements of the Coleman camper – how many people will be using it, what do you consider necessary in the way of kitchen, dinette, bathroom, and storage.  And of course consider your price range.  Once you’ve established your Coleman camper price range and know the vehicle tow capacity, you can begin the process of narrowing down your choices of Coleman campers. 

If your camper budget runs to the modest investment, or if you will not expect to use your folding camper very often of for very long, you could consider purchasing a used Coleman camper.  You can find quite a good selection on eBay, running from several hundred dollars for an older model beginning in 1967 to upward of ten thousand dollars for a newer top of the line Coleman camper.  If you’d like to take a look at live auctions for Coleman folding campers now on eBay, please CLICK HERE: Coleman Camper on eBay. At the time this post was written there were 15 Coleman campers on eBay, ranging in price from $202. to $5,600. Most of these Coleman campers had quite a few bids. If you’d like to take a look at actual sales prices on eBay for Coleman campers, CLICK HERE: Coleman Camper on eBay – Sold Prices. Sold prices for Coleman campers on eBay ranged from a low of $1,625 for a 1993 Coleman camper to a high of $9,500. for a 2007 Coleman camper – Fleetwood Evolution – which includes a toy hauler space onboard the trailer. (A high end model that was practically brand new.)

When looking at a used Coleman camper bear in mind the age of the awning fabric, and how that tent camper has been maintained and stored. A major improvement in the Coleman camper line occured in 1992, when a better brand of fabric for the tent trailer was introduced, increasing the longevity of the camper. Coleman campers built prior to 1992 have the older type of fabric, so this year is significant when you’re looking at Coleman camper models.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a used Coleman camper:

  • What is the condition of the awning fabric of the camper
  • What is the condition of the tires of the camper
  • What is the condition of the hitch, electrical system, and plumbing of the camper
  • What is the overall condition of the body and frame, doors, and cabinets of the camper
  • What is the condition of the flooring of the camper
  • Is there any rust or evidence of water leaks
  • Does the owner have the clear title to transfer the camper
  • What is the condition of the mattresses and cushions
  • What is the condition of the heater, AC, water heater, stove, sink
  • Is there an awning attachment – if so the condition

Enjoy your new camping lifestyle with a Coleman camper – the leading folding tent camper manufacturer in the US!

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