Need Help With Your Camper Blue Book?

Camper Blue Book

If you need help with your Camper blue book, this post will help you break down the necessary steps.   It’s established by evaluating the current condition of the camper, and comparing that condition to the camper blue book of other similar campers that have recently sold in the same geographical area.  I hope you’re not feeling overwhelmed, does the process of establishing blue book for your camper sound complicated?  It’s not, really, so let’s break down the steps to help you better understand the camper blue book process.

This post will take you through the four steps you’ll need to know so that you can better understand the process and how to make a careful evaluation. If you’d like some input, please feel free to leave a comment to ask for any assistance you might need.

  1. First you’ll want to take a detailed list of the condition of the interior and exterior of the camper to establish the the camper blue book.  Do this whether you’re buying or selling a new or used camper.  (Obviously this step will be easier with a brand new camper on the sales lot, but take the time to do this step anyway.)  Keep yourself organized and on track with and make a checklists while you are inspecting your campers, trailers, 5th wheels, and RV’s.  Use these checklist for inspecting both the exterior and interior of the camper.  If you’re not sure what to write down we’ll give you some ideas here for your checklist for camper blue book.
  2. Second, keep in mind that there isn’t an absolute value, it’s not like currency trading, or the price of gold.  The camper book value is an estimate of the value the camper would sell for in the current market at the time of the sale.  By the nature of the market, it’s going to fluctuate.  Your location, the season, the number of units currently on the market, the condition of the unit all play into the final valuation.  There are some excellent resources we can recommend.  It’s good to look up the current camper blue book with the Nada online site.  (This is useful for setting camper blue book for newer models only, not older or vintage camper blue book.)  This is an estimate only, but it’s a really good starting point.  Kelly blue book is helpful also, it’s just not as easy to access.  You can purchase the kelly blue book manuals quarterly, or ask your local librarian to see if a copy is available locally or if the library can borrow a copy.  (They’re moderately expensive.) You can also ask your motorhome or camper dealer to show you their copy, they need it too to help set the camper blue book.  They’re probably available on Amazon, so that might be one place to check also.  I’ve also seen older Kelly Blue Book for Campers available on both eBay and (which is a part of eBay.)
  3. Third, if you’re buying a motorized recreational vehicle, treat the purchase like you would a car or truck.  A test drive for a motorhome is highly recommended. It can be a challenge when you’re buying a motorhome to look objectively at the motorhome when you evaluate the book value. Here again is where it’s handy to have an impartial checklist to use. Imagine yourself as a professional inspector with clipboard and list handy! This will help you to see things clearly as they are, not as you would have them! Interested in more info about camper inspection checklists?  Ask your motorhome salesman if they have a form they use for inspection, for starters.
  4. Check the camper blue book on eBay.  By researching eBay Motors for sales of similar campers you can get a good idea of the blue book.  Here’s the trick with eBay Motors – don’t search the current listings!  The current eBay Motors current listings for campers show the seller’s desired sales price, which isn’t necessarily the benchmark for blue book for campers!  To get current realistic market camper blue book from eBay Mortors, look at the upper right hand corner of the screen for eBay Motors and click on “Advanced Search.” You’ll be able to fill in the boxes for the type of camper you need to evaluate the blue book for. And – very important! – select “completed listings” only. This is the gold nugget of information you’re looking for – how much have they actually sold for? Here’s a link to eBay Motors, and the page for “completed listings” is already selected for you. Just fill in the information from the menus and you’ll see the searches of the completed listings.  It can be a bit tricky navigating the site to get to the campers, so if you click the link that follows here, you’ll go directly to the correct page on eBay.

eBay Motors Screen for Camper Blue Book

The link above will take you to the eBay site. You’ll be asked to log in to eBay. After you’ve logged in, you’ll be directly on the eBay motors site where you can access the sales prices for all types of vehicles. Look for the box that says “What are you looking for?” and you’ll see a drop down box. Click on the selection “RVs & Campers” and then you’ll be able to further refine your search. Have some fun with it! We hope your questions have been answered. Did we miss an important detail, or leave a question unanswered? Please leave a comment to share your thoughts!

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  1. I’m looking for the value of a 2021 Venture Sonic 150vrb. We found one online with a dealership priced at $23,885. We wanted to purchase it. When the itemized statement was text to me the price was now $24,355. I questioned the difference. I was told that the one advertised was sold several days ago. The stock # for the trailer not advertised was $24,355. Bait & Switch?
    What is a fair price???
    Thank you,

  2. denise phillips

    would like to know the value of our 1997 coleman popup. the model is a Fleetwood in good condition.

  3. john halverson

    we are trying to find out the value of our camper to sell. it is a starcraft venture, model 2407
    uvw 2343 gvwr 2930

  4. looking for ball park value of a 1999 28foot travel trailer made by dutchman its a lite. no awning , needs some minor repair in interior, , carpet replaced in bedroom,,,

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