Kelly Blue Book Value Camper

When people ask for information about how to obtain the Kelly Blue Book Value of their Camper, they may not realize that this isn’t the easiest way to check for the actual potential sales value of their camper.  This is because it’s easier to look up information on line than looking in a booklet.  They are a good resourse, however, and we recommend them.  You can get this kind of information in the Kelly Blue Book Value Camper guides:  Motorhomes, Campers, Van Conversions, Fifth Wheel Trailers, Folding Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Travel Trailers, etc.  (If you don’t have a guide and need some help you can always leave a comment and ask this site for an assist with your Kelly Blue Book Value Camper.)  Of course we subscribe, and think they’re the best thing since sliced bread.  And one of these days the Kelly Blue Book Value Camper may be available on their site, but then again maybe not, they specialize in car values.

Kelly Blue Book offers very well made guides that are published quarterly, and you can subscribe to the service or purchase one individually. They’re not the easiest thing to obtain.  On their website you can contact their area sales rep, and they will get back to you about your inquiry. I don’t know why they don’t have a shopping cart on their website. So if you’re looking for the Kelly Blue Book Value right now, you’ll probably need to call your local library, credit union or camper dealer to look at their Kelly Blue Book. If I’m in a hurry that’s why I like to check online with Nada guides, where you can easily look up the blue book value info if it’s a camper less than 20 years old. For older, vintage camper models I prefer to look it up on eBay, by going to eBay motors, and searching the completed listings. You may not know this, but just by looking at the eBay site you won’t see the sold prices for previous camper sales.  That’s why you have to have an account on eBay.  So if you have one, log in, if you don’t have one then sign up for one.  (Before you do that you’ll have to get an email account, but you can get a free one on gmail and a number of other sites.)  Try this out by going over to eBay Motors (not just the regular eBay site) and look up some campers.

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