Used Cars Volkswagen Golf: Customization Guide

Once you’ve purchased your rv, and you’re getting ready to hit the road full time, you’ll need a great vehicle to tow.  You really don’t want the inconvenience of getting stuck in the campground when there’s the great outdoors to explore!  Let’s take a minute to explore your options, and take a look at investing in a used car, in particular a volkswagen golf.  Here we’ll look at customizing this super litte car.

One out of every five car rider wants to peek inside the hood of his car and customize it. This is a basic human tendency and is the primary reason for continuous innovation. Volkswagen Group has been a pioneer in the industry of the car manufacture.

This company first launched the Volkswagen Golf in 1974. A few years later the car reached almost every nation in the world. The car since then has been loved and appreciated by almost everyone in the world. And the people have taken their time out to understand the architecture of the car. You can say that there exists no such customization onto Volkswagen Golf, that hasn’t been tried. Having said that, lets discuss briefly ways to customize your used cars volkswagen golf.

Customizing The Suspension

Suspension is the key to smooth ride in the customized used vw golf. Thus it is better if you reduce the suspension height of your car. Doing this will make sure that the car has a lower clearance and this aids in the sharp turns of the cars. A reduced height also reduces a bumpy ride and enhances the speed and acceleration of the car. Get the custom performance shocks and lowering springs from companies like Neuspeed and add it to suspension system.

The Need For Extra Road Grip

For your car to have a complete road grip, you have to let loose the stock tires that come with the used cars volkswagen golf. Get wide tires from company like BBS, which are actually alloy wheels with a wide base. Usually these tires are 19 inch in diameter.

These are a few little customizations that you can do to your used volkswagen golf car. If you get any kind of doubt do not hesitate to call up a mechanic.

Have fun on your road trip!  What kind of vehicle are you pulling?

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