RV Blue Book Value Resources – Edmunds.com

RV Blue Book Value Resources – Edmunds.com

Edmunds.com offers useful educational resources for individuals that are buying or selling new or used recreational vehicles.  Although I didn’t find information specifically about buying or selling recreational vehicles, they’re more geared toward buying and selling new and used cars, they did have great reference material that is useful when buying or selling a new or used recreational vehicle.


When you buy or sell a new or used recreational vehicle you need to be up to date not only on the information specific to the make and model RV you’re considering, you need to be current on the entire sales process.  This is where Edmunds.com comes in handy.  They have some fantastic articles that will help you understand the whole vehicle sales industry, where knowledge is power.  When you consider that the sales price of an RV is closer to a house than a car, you can appreciate that it really pays off to equip yourself with the knowledge of the vehicle sales market. 

When you visit Edmunds.com you won’t specifically see info on RV’s, but if you take a look at the upper right hand corner of the home page, you’ll see the word “directory”.  This will take you to a screen labeled “Site Directory Alphabetical”.  From here click on the link labeled “Switch to Categorized listing”.  Scroll through the category labeled “Articles”.  Be sure to read “Confessions of a Car Salesman”.  It’s a very long article about a journalist that was hired by Edmunds.com to go undercover at a car sales lot, which he did!  You really get the inside look at car sales people!  (Before you step into an RV sales lot be sure to read this article!  You’ll be less intimidated by the sales people, and you’ll be able to spot manipulation!).  There are several useful articles and tips on buying and selling new and used cars.  When you understand the motor vehicle sales marketplace, you’ll be better able to make informed decisions about buying or selling a recreational vehicle. 

Have you visited the Edmunds.com website?  Did you find that it’s a good resource for RV and recreational vehicle shopping?  Did you read the terrific article about the secrets of the car dealerships in the confessions of the car salesman article?  Please join the conversation and leave a comment about the Edmunds.com site, and whether you’d recommend the site as a reference for buying or selling a recreational vehicle.  Thanks!

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