Register Your Teardrop Trailer

I’m a member of a Yahoo Group of folks with the same vintage camper interests, and I’m always picking up useful info to help with determining the blue book value of a camp trailer.  I read in one of the posts about a site called Nick’s garage with a lot of great info on registering teardrop campers with the California DMV.  That’s extrememly useful for folks buying a teardrop camper trailer.  One suggestion is to measure your camper trailer, and if it’s under 16 ft you can register as a “camp trailer” with the DMV.  (This allows a Permanent Trailer Identification) which only needs to be renewed every 5 years for $10.)  Here’s a link to the site:  Vintage Camp Trailer.  Nick’s Garage is a wealth of info on teardrop trailers, and one of the very best parts of the site is his links page, with lots of interesting references for teardrop trailers.  Here’s a link to the reference page:  Why not visit this teardrop trailer guru today?

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  1. Steven friedberg

    I was hoping that you could point me to a dealer that rents teardrop campers in Philadelphia or the surrounding area.

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