New And Used Travel Trailer Value

Whether you’re buying or selling a new or used travel trailer, camper or pop-up, establishing the travel trailer or camper value is easy!  Travel trailer and camper values are based on a few easy to follow guidelines, and there are a few handy free resources to use when you’re looking at travel trailer prices.

List of 12 Things to Consider for Camper and Travel Trailer Values

  1. If you’re going to purchase a camper or travel trailer, are you looking for new or used travel trailer values? Just like new and used car prices, there’s a difference in price for the trailer sitting on the new RV lot, and the same travel trailer once it’s been purchased and removed from the lot. It’s lots of fun to visit new RV lots, and really fun to look at the floor plans and order a new travel trailer.  On a budget?  If you’re looking to save some money on the purchase of your travel trailer, buying used may be a good choice.
  2. Are you buying or selling a camper or travel trailer?  If you’re buying a camper or travel trailer, have you narrowed down the model you need?  When you visit a lot it’s exciting, and you may end up choosing a travel trailer that’s a bit more pricey than you need.  When you’re buying a travel trailer first make a checklist of what you really need, in the way of size and features.  And don’t forget to consider the weight and towing requirements that your tow vehicle will handle.  When you’re looking to buy a travel trailer please remember that when you tow it you will have your items stored inside, so consider this when selecting your travel trailer.

  3. If you are trying to determine the travel trailer value for an rv you already own, a good starting point would be to make a complete appraisal checklist.  Your travel trailer value will consist of the model and year of the travel trailer, the year and overall condition, and any extra features you may have installed.  Take pictures inside and out, and note the condition of electrical, plumbing, storage, canvas, appliances, etc.  Be honest about any mold, mildew or other damage.
  4. Ready to compare travel trailer values?  Some good places to look are Nada for some lookup tables of general info, Craigslist and eBay for actual sales.  Nada is a good starting point, it’s free, easy to use, and will help you to think about all the features of the travel trailer you’re trying to get the values for.  Craigslist is great for travel trailer values too, you can see listings that are today’s prices.  You won’t be able to get any historical data from Craigslist, just current info.  eBay is fantastic for both current and historical travel trailer values.  Just go to eBay Motors and you’ll be able to search travel trailer values, and if you click on the advanced search feature (you have to be logged in, and have an account to use this) you can see what the travel trailer values for closed listings are.

  5. If you just need quick info for travel trailer values, and you know your model number, Google and other search engines are great for finding used travel trailer values.  It’s kind of the luck of the draw, but if you enter your exact camper name and model number in the search engine you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with in the way of info for travel trailer values.
  6. What makes up travel trailer prices?  If you’re looking at new travel trailer prices, there is dealer overhead.  The dealer pays rent and utilities, and salaries or commissions to salespeople.  The dealer may own or might have financed the travel trailers on the lot.  The day of the month may be a factor in travel trailer prices – there’s always hope at the beginning of the month for the dealer, and by the time the end of the month is upon them, there may be room for negotiation for travel trailer prices!
  7. When you buy a used travel trailer from a private party, you have to consider that what you see is what you get.  If something is wrong with the travel trailer, it’s generally your problem once you pay for the travel trailer and take it with you.  When you’re buying a used travel trailer first make sure the party selling it to you is really the owner.  If there is any doubt, walk away.  Make sure the ownership papers and registration is in order.  Check regulations of sale with your local Department of Motor Vehicles to see what you’ll need to do when you purchase a used travel trailer.  If this first priority checks out, then proceed to a complete inspection.  If you’re able to bring along someone with experience in this area, all the better.  Safety is a top priority, both with the towing of the used travel trailer and the use of the used travel trailer.  If it’s not safe, and you can’t fix it, walk away.  If the owner is telling you something about the used travel trailer that doesn’t make sense, or is pressuring you in any way, just walk away.  It’ not worth it to buy someone else’s problem when you buy a used travel trailer.  Once you’ve determined that the title and safety considerations are in order, then inspect the used travel trailer features.  If it’s what you need, and will satisfy your requirements today and for the next several years, you may have a good match for your needs in a used travel trailer.
  8. How do you find a travel trailer for sale?  Once you’ve narrowed down your requirements to the type of travel trailer you need, what you can tow safely, and your price range, where can you look for a travel trailer for sale in your area?  Start with your local RV dealer.  They may take in used travel trailers on trade when they sell a new rv, camper or travel trailer.  Let them know what you’re looking for, and they can be on the lookout for it.  Next, you can find your travel trailer for sale on Craigslist or eBay.  There are also quite a few websites that have classified sales for rvs and travel trailers for sale.
  9. What’s the best time to find used travel trailers for sale?  Probably the off season.  If someone has been considering putting their used travel trailer up for sale, that means they don’t need it anymore.  Nothing speaks louder for a lack of need for a travel trailer then a yard full of snow!  Use the winter months to your advantage when you’re looking for used travel trailers for sale!
  10. How do you know if travel trailer pricing is good?  Before you buy, give yourself a few days to research the travel trailer pricing you’ve found.  Check the resources mentioned above, and do some comparisons.
  11. Is the economy affecting travel trailer sales?  There are several different ways to look at this.  Yes, if you ask different rv dealers if their sales are up or down, you will get current info on travel trailer sales.  Look into this enough and you’ll probably find that there are still buyers, and there is travel trailer sales data to back this up.  The more interesting question is this;  which travel trailers have strong sales?  What are people buying, and why?  Value for the dollar is important, and travel trailers that provide enough features for comfort and safety, without going overboard in luxury, will be a good value, and probably reflect in the travel trailer sales data.
  12. How do you know if you’ve found the right travel trailer at the best travel trailer price?  By the time you get to this question, you’ve no doubt done your research.  You know what you want and why, you know the pricerange you’re comfortable with, and what you can safely tow.  Once you’ve arrived a the travel trailer price question, give youself the time to document the details of the purchase, and take a few minutes to look on Nada, look at Craigslist and go to eBay Motors.  (Be sure to open an eBay account a few days before you need to look something up, and do a few practice searches to make sure you’ve got the hang of the advanced search feature.

Have we covered the bases for you on the topic of new and used travel trailer prices?  Hope so!  Please leave a comment to add to the conversation – what helped – or – what did we leave out?  Thanks!

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12 thoughts on “New And Used Travel Trailer Value”

  1. gordon d lambert

    i have a 2008 holiday rambler savoy lx 32 ft bumper pull water damage under slide out no furniture in it no refrigerator

  2. Glenn Brackett

    I’m trying to find the value of my 2008 Forest River Surveyor 29 foot trailer with 1 slide out. My brother wants to buy it and I’m wanting to find a fair price for both him and myself.

  3. I would like to know the value of my 23 foot 2013 Creekside travel trailer. It has the off-road package, plus the Four Seasons Package. It has been driving less than 1500 miles. It is just too small a space for my husband.

  4. Hi, i own a late 70s Apeco Small World fiberglass pull behind. I purchased it to redo and use, sadly i havent put much time into it. Now someone is inquiring about buying it from me, but i have no idea of the value. i have been able to find little information about it. How do i put a price on what seems to be very close to a one-of-a-kind?

    1. Value of a 2016 16′ KZ Sportsmen Classic travel trailer, no slide, air conditioner, mini fridge, 2 bunks, microwave, 2 burner stove, toilet, tub/shower. Manual awning, manual level Jack’s and tow hitch.

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