Find your Perfect Camper Caravan on eBay UK

If you are traveling to the UK for an extended period of time, you might be thinking of purchasing a camper while overseas.  This post will help you to conduct some research now before you leave for your vacation. First, keep in mind that some of our terminology is different – and also our currency.  Look up the current exchange rate and then browse the listings on this page.  Bookmark this page and visit frequently, as the items displayed here are “real time” so you’ll see a slightly different listing group each time you visit.

Find your perfect camper caravan on eBay!  Here are the direct camper caravan listing sites. This is the UK eBay site. The camper caravan listings below are actual live listings on eBay. To view the listings, just click on one that interests you and you will be directed to the eBay site. Use your back browser to return to this site. At the time of publication, these were the live auctions. They will vary according to actual listings at the time you view this site. (* teardrop caravan, microcamper, hot rod cherry drop demo * ) ( * Freedom lightweight caravan VW camper bug, etc. * ) ( * 1992 K Leisure drive motor home motor caravan camper * ) ( * 5th wheel caravan RV camper American * ) ( * Conway Clubman caravan / camper hard top not trailer tent * ) ( * Iveco cargo camper van motorhome caravan motorcross * ) ( * tear drop micro caravan trailer camper hot rod classic * ) ( * 2004 lunar champ A520 motor home motor caravan camper * )


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