Camera Harness and Binocular Harness: Unnoticeably Useful for Hiking

Are you one of those people who just love the outdoors? One of those people who just love to get away from the city, grab your binoculars and your binocular harness and go off to the wild? I definitely am. The great outdoors is just a great place to go to and relax. It’s a great stress reliever. Fresh air, green grass, tall trees, that’s just the life, don’t you think?

What do you need for your camping checklist?  If you’re thinking of going out on a hiking trip or a camp out in the wild, you should definitely remember bringing water, clothes, a camera, don’t forget the camera harness, and shelter as well, like a tent. Some warm clothing will also be handy and maybe some swimwear if you find a fresh water stream somewhere along the way. Bring water and a big water jug incase you run out, and food, a lot of food. Also you should bring with you your map and compass just in case you get lost all of a sudden; it is, after all, the wilderness.

For me, one of the most useful things or most important things to be brought along with you on a camping or hiking trip is the harness. The binocular harness and the camera harness. Binoculars are really useful in the wild. They give you a closer view of a place you want to go to if you’re hiking. Now, imagine if it was just hung around your neck, that would be really, really uncomfortable because, lets face it, a pair of binoculars are just heavy. That’s where the harness does its job. It is strapped around your shoulders like a backpack, only it’s in front of you. It’s adjustable and comfortable at the same time.

A camera harness is really just like all other harnesses. But cameras come in a shapes and sizes nowadays. Some are so big and heavy while others are just so small and light. Having a harness for a camera gives you more elbow space especially when you are in the outdoors. But, it’s the outdoors; you’ve got as much elbow space as you want already, right? Well, right and wrong. What I mean by elbow space is space for your mind to think of the surroundings, rather than the camera’s safety. Big and heavy cameras are uncomfortable when hung around your neck; the small ones just break easily. The harness can take care of the camera’s safety for you.

The great outdoors is a great place for anyone to get away and breathe. It’s a great place for exploring the naturalness of the world. By using harnesses, you can let go even more and give time to the world with the world.  So be sure to add a camera harness and binocular harness to your camping checklist!

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