Can You Find The Blue Book Value of a Camper or RV with Camping World?

Going rving?  Looking to establish a camper or RV Blue Book Value?  This is an important question whether you’re buying or selling an RV or camper, and the questions you’ll need to ask are the same.  If you’re just getting started you’ve probably heard of several important resources, such as Kelley Blue Book for Campers, Nada Guides for Campers and even searching on eBay Motors – but I’ll bet you haven’t considered this source!  Camping World!  Here’s a suggestion – review the current inventory of new and used recreational vehicles, which include pop up campers, folding campers, trailers, and RV’s listed with Camping World for some great camper value comparison shopping!  What better way to establish the blue book value of a camper than to check current camper or RV listings and recent sales prices!  Camping World isn’t just a great destination when you’re on the road, it’s a great source of real-time data you can use when you’re doing your research to calculate the worth of your camper.

How Can I Use Camping World When I’m Calculating My Camper Value?

To get you rving quickly, Camping World offers many excellent recreational vehicles for sale. If you’re comparing prices when you’re buying or selling a new or used rv, travel trailer, pop-up camper, toy hauler, camper, or any type of recreational vehicle, check the current sales prices of other recreational vehicles currently on sale. One of the best ways to do this is with Camping World.

For rving, Camping World has a huge inventory of Class A, B, and C motorhomes, and all types of recreational vehicles for sale. Don’t get overwhelmed!  With a little advance planning and in investment of about $10.00 you can visit an office supply store for everything you need.  Here’s a simple tip to get you going and to keep you organized:  to establish the blue book value of the camper under consideration, take the time to make a file for your research! Before you go rving, treat yourself to an accordian file and a new lined pad of paper, roll up your sleeves, get a cup of coffee, and search the Camping World database of recreational vehicles, campers, and trailers!  Make some notes, and we’ll talk about this next.

What Sorts of Things Should I Look at?  It’s Hard to Keep it All Straight!

If you are selling an rv or motorhome, note the current mileage. For all types of recreational vehicles note the brand, model, age, features and condition of the recreational vehicle. Then the minor details that will make or break a sale – where is it located? How has the recreational vehicle been stored? What is the condition of the tires on the RV? How many are currently for sale in your state? Keep a separate list of the things needed to bring your recreational vehicle into tip top condition! Make a budget. Have you already invested the resources you have? Then concentrate on cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!!! Is there anything broken or worn out on the RV or camper? Take the time to replace worn parts! A little bit of investment to replace a broken faucet or update the stove handles goes a long way! Check out Camping World for those small items for recreational vehicles.

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