5 Ways to Establish a Blue Book Value for a Camper or RV

Quick Camper Blue Book Value List of Resourses – Top 5 Reference Sites for Blue Book Value
Looking to establish a Blue Book Value for a Camper or RV?  Ready to go RVing?  Here’s a few quick and easy suggestions to get you out of your car and onto the road RVing!

  1. Check out the Kelly Blue Book Value periodical for recreational vehicles from your local library.  Kelly Blue Book issues 2 different journals for the recreational vehicle and camper industry, one for RV’s and one for campers – you can check for 5th wheel or pop-ups too.  They’re each updated and issued several times a year.  Although they’re primarily issued for rving businesses in the recreational vehicle industry, it’s also possible to subscribe to the Kelly Blue Book on the Kelly Blue Book website.  (Just search for campers on their site, enter your state, and their sales rep’s phone number will pop up.  They’re super nice, and will take care of your order…)
  2. Looking to start the rving lifestyle?  Do a quick search for recreational vehicles on the ebay motors site.  You’ll want to search completed listings to get an idea of sales prices.  (Looking to buy a car also?  EBay is a great place to check car values too, if you need the price for a used car, check eBay – they have lots of used rv’s and used cars for sale.)
  3. Check out Craigslist.org for rving info.   You’ll be able to see if there are any RV’s or campers of the same make, model, and year as yours.  This will be current recreational vehicle listing prices, and isn’t a good source for historical recreational vehicle information.  (This isn’t camper sales prices, only camper listing prices.)
  4. Do a quick google search!  It’s easy!  Rving is a popular way of life, and there’s lots of good information about rving!  Just enter your recreational vehicle or camper’s make and model number, and see what comes up!  You may want to then modify your search for recreational vehicles if you get too may results, try entering the year of the camper.
  5. Check out Camping World to determine the Blue Book Value of your camper!  They’re a great source of information on the rving lifestyle, and you can get camping accessories, rv parts, and just about everything you need to go rving!  They’re one of the best sources for recreational vehicles rv sales.  Tour the Camping World Website for a wide variety of Blue Book information on new and used RV’s, Campers, Recreational Vehicles, Toy Haulers, Trailers and Van Conversions.

Do you have a favorite camper blue book value reference site? Please leave a comment, we’re working on a top 100 post!

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  1. Need a blue book price on a 2004 (no mileage) Keystone Springdale Fifth Wheeler in excellent condition (slide out living room). Thanks for your help.

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