Community Service Care Package Project Whiteriver Arizona

Whiteriver Unified School District #20
Seven Mile Elementary School
C/O Kathleen Anderson
PO BOX 190
Whiteriver, AZ 85941

Phone: (928) 358-5800
Fax: (928) 358-5801

The purpose of this project is to gather and pack the items needed to send 100 Care Packages and encouraging greetings to:

  • Deployed Apache Tribe members
  • Single Active Duty Military Apache Tribe members
  • Deployed service members of all branches of the Military

The Apache Tribe is spiritual, patriotic and extremely proud of their young people that choose to serve in the United States Military. Our goal is to support our Military members by shipping 100 Care Packages on December 4th, 2019 to Apache Tribe members and additional deployed United States Military members of all branches of the Service.

The Whiteriver School District has 3 public elementary schools, one public junior high school, one public high school. These schools are open to children living on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, and children living in the geographic area. There are several native schools run by the Apache Tribe on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation.

Care Package Items:
Non-Perishable Foods:
Condiments (packets from fast food places, other packet sized items)
Snack Crackers
Foil pouch foods (tuna, chicken, etc)
Tuna snack kits
Pop tarts
Ramen Noodles
Powdered drink mix (individual portions is best)
Candy/gum (mints are a favorite, NO chocolate)
Canned chili/beef stew
Canned fruit
Chunky soup
Dried fruit
Five hour energy shots
Peanut butter
Honey sticks
Jam (plastic container)
Mac and cheese
Instant oatmeal
Cookies (homemade is fine, just something sturdy)
Instant mashed potatoes
Stuff to make fry bread for our Apache soldiers
Other non-perishable foods to give them a taste of home and a taste of the holidays
Personal Hygiene: travel size where possible
Toilet paper
Baby wipe refills
Body wipes (they are heavier and larger)
Dental floss
Saline nasal spray
Eye drops
Hand sanitizer
Hand lotion
Sunscreen 30+
Shaving cream/gel
Mach 3 Razor refills
A&D ointment
Cough drops
Sanitary napkins
Foot powder
Deodorant wipes
Linen and clothing:
Socks (cotton or wool; tan, white, or black)
Soft small throw blankets
Wash cloths
Pillow cases
Gel boot insoles
Bandanas (digital camouflage, dark/light)
Travel games
Nerf toys (small footballs, etc)
Playing cards
Pens (no click type)
Small notebooks
Game books
Utility Items:
Zip ties
Zip style plastic bags
Rubber bands
Flashlights (small key size)
Laundry detergent sheets
Dryer sheets
Can openers
Duct tape (camouflage only)
Batteries (Duracell only, AA and AAA)