How to Find the Value for Travel Trailers

Several of our readers have left excellent comments requesting assistance establishing the kelly blue book value for used travel trailers.  The kelly blue books are available through subscription with the kelly blue book site, and are also available in larger libraries.  You can also find some older versions of the kelly blue book available on eBay.  Although the kelly book value is an important bit of information when it comes to camper for sale, the true value of used travel trailers for sale is like hindsight; 20 – 20!  What you sold it for (or bought it for) is the value.  Not meaning to present a conundrum here, let’s take a few thoughtful comments and check one of the best ways to check campers for sale; you can find used travel trailers for sale on eBay.  Here are 3 travel trailers questions regarding the possible values in today’s market.

Comment 1:  (Thank you Big B for this comment on the Vintage Campers and Trailers Sales Prices post.)

Can anyone help me with find out if my 66 hi-lo is worth any thing ? all original acc. holding tank /1 bench seat -bed / 1 dining table-bed. lift motor stll works all windows and screens needs some tlc. big b

There are a couple of very nice resources on the internet for used travel trailers for sale for HiLo trailers, have you checked this site?  HiLo Trailer Parts.  They have some newer HiLo travel trailers noted on their sales pages, and have resources for parts.  Were you looking to sell your travel trailer or wondering if it’s worth holding onto?  It’s be nice to see a picture, if you have one available please let us know and we’d be glad to publish it for you.  Lots of people love to work on vintage campers, and it sounds like you have a very nice vintage travel trailer.  If you were to sell it you could do a search (after logging in) on the eBay Motors site to see the comparable sales prices in your part of the US for similar travel trailers.  You didn’t mention the condition of the tires, electrical system, and whether or not the trailer has had any water damage.  If it’s in towable condition, which it sounds like it is, then it most likely has a value, and it would make a fun and practical starter camper for someone entering the market.  Camping is a fun vacation, and can be very economical.  Lots of people are looking to buy used campers for sale, so if you’re looking to sell it you will most likely find a market for it.  Both Craigslist and eBay have strong camper sales listings.

Comment 2:  (Thank you Lynn for this comment on the Vintage Trailer Restoration Tips post.)

I have a 1951 Silver Streak Clipper. It is fully vintage complete with a full bath in the front. I would appreciate thoughts on its restoration
1) value of restoring it to vintage origional condition
2) thoughts on keeping all the “cool vintage stuff” but modifying it with greater usability such as removing the bath and placing a dinette in its place
3) a source to find aluminum molding that seals around the outside (alien eye) windows

Wow, this sounds like a terrific travel trailer!  There is certainly a huge following for vintage travel trailers, and it sounds like yours is gorgeous!  For starters, were you planning to keep your Silver Streak Clipper travel trailer for your own use, or is this an investment for resale?  Let’s say you have a goal of selling it, and would like to receive top dollar.  Lots of vintage trailer buffs do appreciate original details in excellent condition.  If you’re looking to sell it, you might lean in this direction.  If you’re keeping it for yourself, and you’d prefer more seating instead of the bath area, then by all means make your Silver Streak Clipper your home away from home and customize to your heart’s content.  I do wonder if down the road you might wish you had the indoor bath, streaking to the public showers in inclement weather might be less than desirable!

Have you checked out Vintage Trailer Supply, Inc. for you question regarding the aluminum molding that seals around the outside windows?  I’ll give you a link to their site, they have a fabulous inventory, and would most likely take a special request.  They have a true love of vintage travel trailers!
Vintage Trailer Supply
You’re sure to find the parts you need for restoring your vintage travel trailer on this site.

Comment 3:  (Thank you Chace for this comment on the Camper Blue Book post.)

Looking 4 the value of a 1981 Terry 23ft. Pull Behind Travel Trailer

I’d suggest that eBay would be a good place to start when finding the value for your travel trailer.  The best way is to look at the sales prices for comparable travel trailers that have sold through eBay Motors.  To see the actual sales data, you’ll need to have an eBay account.  You’re required to log into eBay first, and then you can navigate to eBay Motors, and do an “advanced search”, where you will search for the similar unit.  You can see exactly which travel trailers have sold, and then compare them to your travel trailer.  If you need to replace any parts, you can check with Vintage Trailer Supply.

Thank you Big B, Lynn and Chace for these questions regarding travel trailers.  I’d like to open these questions for comments.  Readers, please feel free to join the conversation, and respond to these questions in the comments.  Thanks for your input!