One Cent Sale Items for Care Packages

Yep, my best friend tells me God loves to show off! Here’s a testimony! I was at Staples to buy an ink cartridge. I’m also always looking for extreme bargains of stuff less than 12 inches long and 12 inches wide. That’s because I’m buying stuff for Care Packages for deployed Military in the sandbox.

Being on a budget I WORK IT! So I wanted to send those nice adult coloring books and I asked the clerk to scan a price for me, those things are usually like $12. each. She scanned it and it was 46 cents! She said sometimes things go on clearance and they don’t track down the item to re-label it and put it on the clearance table so it just sits there because nobody wanted to pay that much in the first place! So I bought them all! (5 at 46 cents each!!!)

Yeah, I’ve tried extreme couponing once, where you buy the Sunday paper clip and organize every coupon you want to use, look at the Rite-Aid ads, organize your coupons from the Sunday paper and then “stack” your coupons with their sales. I literally got sick trying it, my brain doesn’t work that way. There was a woman in line ahead of me the one and only day I tried it that practically had a file cabinet of coupons neatly organized and bought huge quantities of stuff and in come cases got a REFUND for her purchases! It went super fast, she was calm and organized, OMG I literally felt sick.

So the few times it works out for me are amazing. However since I send so many Care Packages, and I’m on a shoestring budget, I am going to try something new ONCE. I kept hearing about a system to buy items for 1 cent each WITHOUT A COUPON. I am going to load a Dollar General app on my phone. It lets you scan the barcode of items in the store to see the checkout price. Every Tuesday, items that have been in the store for a certain amount of time, and food reaching it’s expiration date, are marked down electronically to 1 cent. There’s no sign, no new sticker, and the clerks have no knowledge of the items being marked down until a customer presents one of the marked down items. This is supposed to trigger the cashier to stop what they are doing, go find the item, pull them all, bring them to the back room and put in a donation bin to leave the store. SOOOOO the idea is that if you have the app, scan the items you’d buy anyway, and if one comes up at 1 cent, put ALL OF THEM in your cart. They showed a picture of a woman pushing 4 full shopping carts of brand new bedspreads, sheets, pillow cases, towels and blankets, all for 1 cent per item! If I could do that I’d put all that brand new stuff in my car and drive right to our new 40 Bed Homeless Veterans Transitional Shelter in my city, and donate all of it! Once the vets are stable, they transition them into permanent housing, so they need donations of all food and household items! I’m going to try it next Tuesday just for fun. I think I could handle scanning items without getting overwhelmed and having a coupon mania panic attack! Plus with the smaller items, a jar of peanut butter or bar of soap at 1 cent each would make great Care Package fillers!