Military Family Funeral Assistance

Funeral Home:
Jeter and Son Funeral Home
332 Cedar Street, Cedar Hill, Texas 75104

Contact: Tim Jeter at 972-291-4500

This page is dedicated to fundraising to pay directly to the funeral home for funeral expenses for Michael “Mikey” Hernandez. He is the son of Army combat veteran Cynthia Silva. Cynthia served 8 1/2 years, including two tours in Iraq. (92 F & 88M) She buried a son and her son’s father last year, and isn’t able to bear the expense of her son Mikey’s funeral. We’re crowdfunding for the funeral home expenses. Burial at the Dallas Fort Worth Cemetery is scheduled for Thursday January 16th.

This campaign will be paid directly to the funeral home. When that expense has been met, collection for this campaign ends.


$4,080 is the funeral home bill that needs to be paid.

Update: Amount raised: $1600.

When funds are needed: January 15, 2020

Thank you so much. Penny Go

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